Anticipated Releases

November/December 2016 Anticipated Releases!!!

  Seriously cannot wait to get this! I loved the Lunar Chronicles so much that I’m looking forward to everything Marissa Meyer writes! I don’t even like¬†Alice in Wonderland¬†that much, but this is still intriguing.                 I have wanted to read this book FOREVER and since this edition… Continue reading November/December 2016 Anticipated Releases!!!

Adult · Dresden Files · Jim Butcher

The Dresden Files (#1-5) by Jim Butcher

*At the time of posting this, I am currently on book 14. I can say that as the series progresses, the books do indeed get better. The last couple I have read have been absolutely amazing! Since this series is so long, I thought I would split up the reviews in groups of five, so… Continue reading The Dresden Files (#1-5) by Jim Butcher

Adult · Broken Emprie · Mark Lawrence

King of Thorns (Broken Empire #2) by Mark Lawrence

~Review~ King of Thorns is a spectacular addition to this series. Though the plot moves slowly, it was still engaging and I loved the mystery behind it. Much more of the world was explored and there are even clues to its history. I thought Jorg was a lot more mature and develops quite a bit… Continue reading King of Thorns (Broken Empire #2) by Mark Lawrence