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Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth #2) by Terry Goodkind


 Darken Rahl, from beyond the veil, has begun to summon a sinister power worse than any he has ever wielded before.

Armed with the Sword of Truth, Richard Cypher, now becomes Richard Rahl, must learn to control his new found power, or the world will spin into darkness unending.

The Sister of Light promise help. While Richard journeys to their forbidden city, his beloved Kahlan set out for Ayindril citadel of the old wizards, in search of Zedd and the help only he can lend. War, suffering torture, and deceit lie in their paths. (


Stone_of_TearsAfter finishing up the first book in the Sword of Truth Series I was excited to read the next book. Stone of Tears did not let me down! It was better than the first book, even though I thought it was a little predictable and formulaic.


I enjoyed the story of this book and how it picked up right after the previous story ended. The plot was engaging and there were plenty of sub plots, which kept the story moving. Even though the plot dragged in some parts, it would eventually pick up after a short time. It also had humorous aspects, as well as action, despair, and violent scenes (rape, death, gory battles).

Goodkind was detailed (sometimes overly so) when it came to describing his unique, compelling, and ever expanding world. It was interesting to have the story focus on other parts of the world that we have not been before. I particularly liked going to the Old World and meeting new groups of people. The one thing I didn’t like was that the ending was completed in just a few pages. When considering the length of the book, I felt it was rather abrupt.


Terry Goodkind did a wonderful job of developing his characters, especially some of the secondary characters we are introduced to in this book. Verna, Chandalen, and Gratch are a few of the new characters we get to meet. In regards to his main characters, we get to see other sides to them. The only thing I don’t like about his characters is that they are either good or evil; he doesn’t have any gray characters that I noticed.


Even though this novel was good, Goodkind’s writing is despicable. There is simplicity in his sentence structure and there are many abrupt transitions, which prevents the story from flowing well. Also, he tends to repeat past events, even the larger ones that you probably wouldn’t forget. Maybe this was helpful when reading them as they came out, but back to back it gets a little annoying.

Overall Thoughts

The novel was great and very entertianing! I highly enjoyed it despite the setbacks from Goodkind’s writing. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Wizard’s First Rule!

 My rating: 5/5 stars!


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