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Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth #4) by Terry Goodkind


The dangerous, fanatical Imperial Order, under the leadership of the power-mad Emperor Jagang and his multitude of demonic underlings, unleashes a deadly plague. To find a cure Richard Cypher and his beloved Kahlan Amnell must seek out the legendary Temple of the Winds, a fortress of evil sealed away for three thousand years. But the path of the Seeker of Truth is never an easy one—even if he can reach the Temple at all, there is no guarantee he’ll ever return (


Temple_of_the_WindsEven though the reviews are not positive about Temple of the Winds I had to read it for myself because I enjoyed the other three books in this series. I didn’t have any problems reading the book. There were parts that were very well done and entertaining, but it also had some major issues (mostly with the series as a whole).


In this novel Richard and Kahlan spend the entire book trying to save Aydindril from a magical plague, and Ann, with the help of Zedd, continue their search for Nathan.

The story is slow going at first, but as usual it does pick up eventually. This book goes away from the main plot (destroy Jagang) by creating a sub plot (Jagang unleashes an epidemic) that is solved by the ending of the book. I didn’t find this sub plot to be necessary to the overall story even though it was still entertaining.

There was tons of excitement and action, and I was always interested in reading the few chapters with Zedd and Ann because they were so funny. Really kept me going. The scenes involving the sick children and other people that die around Richard will bring tears to your eyes! I also liked reading about the history of the Confessors and why there are so few wizards.

Goodkind’s fixation on sex and violence is starting to become distracting. There is just no end to it.


We get to meet Nadine and Drefan. Nadine is annoying and Drefan is a dark and nasty character. Goodkind did a fantastic job writing them the way he did. He really made me hate them.

Although I liked the book there are some things that are just getting old. Everything that is keeping Richard and Kahlan apart has been going on for too long. When will they ever get to be together again like they were in the first book? I also don’t like that Richard is so lucky when it comes to avoiding the consequences of his actions. Everything ends up being happily ever after for him no matter what he does!

Overall Thoughts

Even with all the negatives of the book, I still enjoyed reading it and I will read the next one in the series. At least the ending of the book (and the beginning of the next) involves the one thing I have been waiting to read about for a long time! If you are enjoying the series keep on reading!

My rating: 4/5 stars!


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