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Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth #5) by Terry Goodkind


Richard Rahl, Keeper of the Sword of Truth, faced an evil even he could not stand against- the dread plague heralded by a Red Moon and loosed by the mad Emperor Jagang. Only by journeying to the Temple of the Winds was he able to thwart Jagang and save not only the life of his beloved Kahlan, but that of the whole of the New World. But when Kahlan in turn summoned the magical Chimes to save Richard, she unwittingly set free a worse scourge than any Jagang might have dreamt of.

Now Kahlan and Richard are destined to see their sould tempered in the fiery cauldron of battle, and for them there is no place so dangerous as a world without magic, a world where the Chimes run free. (


Soul_of_the_FireI have to say that I did not enjoy this book as much as the others. However, it was still good and entertaining despite its flaws.


There are numerous plots introduced in this book. Richard, Kahlan, and Cara are off to stop the Lurk (the chicken who is not a chicken) by breaking a bottle that is located in the Wizard’s Keep (they were told to do this by Zedd though he was lying). Part way there Richard and Kahaln realize that the Chimes are loose so they head to Anderinth, leaving Cara to go to the Wizard’s keep. Meanwhile, Zedd goes to Anderinth and Anne goes to rescue her fellow sisters from the clutches of Jagang. There is also another plot point which involves destroying a weapon in Anderinth. There is definitely a lot going on in this book.

Although the first half of the book was hard to get through, I really enjoyed the second half. It becomes more exciting, the pace of the book is faster, and everything starts coming together.

There is quite a bit of violence in this book, as there are in all the others. It is also one of the most political of the series so far, in my opinion.


In addition to all the new plots, we are also introduced to a few new characters and places. Dalton Campbell is the aid to the minister of culture, and Fitch is a kitchen scullion who is now working as a messenger for Campbell. The chapters that involve these characters were rather hard to get through at first since I knew nothing about them, couldn’t connect to them, and didn’t know their place in the overall story. Quite a bit of the book is spent on these characters and the new places, which takes away from Richard and Kahlan’s story a little.


The writing is pretty much the same as the others. There is a lot of repetition, unnecessary details, and endless speeches and conversations, but this still didn’t deter me from reading.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, it was a pretty good read but not one of my favorites. If your like me and need to find out what happens to your favorite characters, then you should read this book. As all the other books I only recommend this to adults.

My rating: 4/5 stars!


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