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Knight’s Castle (Tales of Magic #2) by Edward Eager


Roger, Anne, Eliza, and Jack find a magic way to go back into the time of Robin Hood, Rebecca, and Ivanhoe (


Knight's castleAccording to Goodreads, Knight’s Castle is the second book of this series. I don’t believe it makes any difference in which order you read these first few books. However, I enjoyed reading Half Magic first and would have preferred to read Magic by the Lake afterwards just because the characters are the same. If you don’t mind a change of characters back and forth than I would just read them in the order Goodreads has listed. The only detail you miss if you skip this book is that Martha and Katherine are the mothers of the children in this book.


I thought Knight’s Castle was an okay book. I liked others in this series much more, but it would be a great book for anyone who really likes castles and the medieval era. I didn’t much enjoy the medieval speech much either and their was a lot of it. I’m not sure if younger children would even be able to understand the speech very well.

The plot was pretty interesting and I will say that I believe this novel is written more for younger boys than girls, whereas Half Magic was pretty gender neutral. There are a lot of battle scenes (not too gruesome, but a part did mention heads being chopped off) and discussions about witches, magic, relationships, and marriage. Nothing that should be too inappropriate for younger children. Always reading the book yourself before giving or reading it to your child is always a good idea.

One of the great things about the story are all the literary references that Eager throws into his novel. In this book Ivanhoe and Robin Hood are part of the story. If a child likes these particular characters or wants to know more about them it’s a great way to get them to read more books.


I really enjoyed the characters and thought they were well described right away, especially Roger and Ann. If you ever read Half Magic their mother is Martha. Also, their cousins, Jack and Eliza were well described and they are the children of Martha’s sister Katherine. It was very interesting to know that they are the children of the characters from the first Tales of Magic book. However, their parents don’t play much of a role in this novel. I was looking forward to hearing more about the adventures of Martha, Katherine, Jane, and Mark, but I wasn’t entirely disappointed. I just get so familiar with a set of characters that I enjoy reading about them again, and it is harder to start over with new characters.

Overall Thoughts

It was a good book and I did enjoy it, but it’s not my favorite. I believe that it would be a great book for a younger boy, or anyone who enjoys great adventures and loves castles and knights!

My rating: 3/5 stars!


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