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The Time Garden (Tales of Magic #4) by Edward Eager


Four cousins spending a summer in a house by the sea discover a magic thyme garden from which they embark on a number of adventures in time (


the time gardenI really enjoyed reading The Time Garden much more than I did Knights Castle. These two books have the same set of characters, but the story in this book was much more interesting to me.


I thought the story was pretty interesting, and would be especially interesting to anyone who loves history. The children get to meet Minutemen, Queen Elizabeth I, and even Little Women. They also get to see their parents when they were children. It was interesting to see the other side of the story from the previous book when the children get stranded on the island with the cannibals. Roger, Ann, and Eliza save their parents and discuss whether or not to tell them who they are. It was a very interesting conversation, and one of my favorite parts of the book.

As in many of the other books there are also some fairly big words, but I believe that is a good thing for younger children. It promotes a good vocabulary even if they have to stop reading and look up a word in a dictionary. There are also many historical and literary references as well as lessons to be learned.


I am beginning to enjoy this set of characters more as I continue to read about their adventures. However, I do not like Roger, Ann, Eliza, and Jack as much as I do the children from the other books. Jack is my least favorite character in this book because he is growing out of these fun magical adventures and spends most of his time calling and hanging out with girls. I just found it annoying that it was all Jack talked about. As a result, most of the adventures are with Roger, Ann, and Eliza. Who needs Jack along anyway?

One thing in the story that bothered me was the Natterjack because he spoke in a British accent which in my opinion would be difficult for a younger child to understand.

Overall Thoughts

I think The Time Garden would be a great book for anyone who has enjoyed the previous books in this series. It would also be a fun book to read aloud to your children. You don’t really need to read all of the other books to be able to read any particular one in the series so far. I believe you can just skip around if you really want to.

My rating: 4/5 stars!


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