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Chainfire (Sword of Truth #9) by Terry Goodkind


After being gravely injured in battle, Richard awakes to discover Kahlan missing. To his disbelief, no one remembers the woman he is frantically trying to find. Worse, no one believes that she really exists, or that he was ever married. Alone as never before, he must find the woman he loves more than life itself….if she is even still alive. If she was ever even real. (


chainfireWell, I have made it into the final stretch of this monstrous series! Chainfire wasn’t as bad as some of the other books, but it wasn’t as good either. It was long, annoying, and it just seemed like Goodkind was just trying to make his story go on forever! I think this series could have been finished long before the 9th book and would have been better for it. Well, I only have two books left!


I was confused by the beginning of the book because I didn’t remember Richard being injured at the end of the previous book. All was well as far as I remembered. If you get confused, don’t worry because it is explained a little later. I also hated that Kahlan and Richard were separated in this book, or in this case, Kahlan doesn’t exist. At least she doesn’t to anyone but Richard. The entire book is spent with Richard running around trying to prove to everyone that she is real. I am pretty sure this book could have been A LOT shorter and still would have gotten the point across. I liked the ending of the book and what the Chainfire is and all of that, but it could have been written a little better.

I found it very interesting that no one would believe Richard. After everything he has done and the fact that he hasn’t lied to anyone, I just couldn’t get over it. I thought that at least Zedd would have believed him after Richard explained that there might be something magically wrong with the world.


I also enjoyed the characters. At least Goodkind did a pretty good job with them! They are very interesting and well developed even when there are so many. I’m always learning something about them that I didn’t know before.


Out of all the books in this series so far I skimmed the most in Chainfire. The repetition about past events and the needless descriptions of actions and places were really irritating. I found myself skipping pages at a time and not even missing anything. Oh! and the speeches were just long, boring, and pointless. They would drag on forever and it seemed like Richard was just stating the same thing over and over.

Overall Thoughts

I thought certain aspects of the book were really interesting, such as the new places that Nathan and Richard discover, and going to a different part of D’Hara even if it was only for a second.  Even though it was dragged out, I am enjoying this branch of the series. This book is part of a trilogy so the story hasn’t ended yet. Hopefully, the next two books are a lot more interesting, but this one wasn’t too bad. If you have enjoyed the series so far I would recommend reading this book. There is a lot of material that can be skipped so its not as long as it seems. It is worth reading once at least. I am going to continue until I finish the series because I have to know after all of this if Richard even defeats the Order.

My rating 3/5 stars!


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2 thoughts on “Chainfire (Sword of Truth #9) by Terry Goodkind

  1. I have the first 8 books for this series. The irony? I doubt I’m ever going to read it x_x
    They seem cool, but there’s a lot more enticing stuff out there. Either that, or I’m a sucker for marketing >_> Trials of a bookoholic!

    1. Honestly, you are right. There are lots of better, more enticing stuff out there. I would recommend reading at least the first one though. 🙂 I think you will enjoy that one!


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