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The Well-Wishers (Tales of Magic #6) by Edward Eager


Just when the children thought the magic in the old well was all played out (that is, if it was magic!) and had sworn an oath in blood not to make any more wishes until the well gave them a sign, Gordy—in a reckless moment—told it to get going with its magic, or else! Something certainly did begin to happen then, whether it was magic or not, for a strange, witchlike old woman came to the children’s secret house in the wood soon after and led Gordy away. The most unexpected things kept on happening all through that eventful autumn, just the sort of things an unpredictable wishing well might involve them in, from reforming a nearly delinquent juvenile at school, keeping apple trees and romance in bloom, and rescuing a damsel in distress, to helping a new family settle in the community (


wishersThe Well-Wishers is the second part of the previous Tales of Magic book, Magic or Not?, which includes the same children we have come to adore! James, Kip, Laura, Lydia, and Gordy are back with new adventures!


I like the plot , but it is closely related to the previous book, but with different adventures. The children want to help people in the neighborhood and use the wishing well as a means to do so; however, they are never certain whether it really is magic or just a bunch of coincidences. I actually found the first adventure with Gordy to be the most interesting, but they were all entertaining. I also like how there are several lessons to be learned in this novel that are important for children to know. The one thing I wasn’t too sure about was right at the end in about the last chapter when we see James start to mature a little and find an interest in girls. There wasn’t anything too inappropriate about it, which was good, but if you are a parent and don’t like anything like that then this book can be easily skipped.


There is so much more to learn about each of the characters in this book. They are much more developed and we begin to see signs of them starting to “grow-up” and wanting to leave magic behind. So sad! I don’t feel like I should tell you more about them because you should discover that for yourself, but it is important to know that they are growing as characters. It is sad to spend two books with them and learn to love them so much only to see them go. I don’t believe they are around in the final Tales of Magic book. Anyway, the characters are great!


I thought it was interesting how this book was written. It reminds me a lot of the first book in which each child has their own chapter in the book and explains all about their adventure. I really like that it was in first-person because I feel like that gives a more personal feel to the novel. You really get to know more about the characters and I felt like part of their group.

Overall Thoughts

So, I really like this book, but just like the previous one, it is not my favorite just because nothing really magical actually happens to make it… well more magical. I did like that it was a little different though, especially in a series with as many books as this one it helps to change it up a little. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves this series or adores fantasy books. It is also a great book for children!

My rating: 4/5 stars!

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