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Phantom (Sword of Truth #10) by Terry Goodkind


On the day she awoke remembering nothing but her name, Kahlan Amnell became the most dangerous woman alive. For everyone else, that was the day that the world began to end.

As her husband, Richard, desperately searches for his beloved, whom only he remembers, he knows that if she doesn’t soon discover who she really is, she will unwittingly become the instrument that will unleash annihilation. But Kahlan learns that if she ever were to unlock the truth of her lost identity, then evil itself would finally possess her, body and soul.

If she is to survive in a murky world of deception and betrayal, where life is not only cheap but fleeting, Kahlan must find out why she is such a central figure in the war-torn world swirling around her. What she uncovers are secrets darker than she could ever have imagined. (


phantomAfter reading the first part in this final trilogy to the Sword of Truth series I had to keep going. I am happy I did, and after reading so many of Terry Goodkind’s books in this series I have finally figured out how to enjoy them more. I pretty much skip half of the book and don’t miss out on anything. I found that reading the dialog is a good idea and by now I know what is important so I just skim and look for it. I enjoyed the book so much more this way! I got through all of his repetition (a lot in this book) very quickly :). I turned a book that was supposed to take me about 12 hours to read (according to my kindle) and turned it into 6!


The other thing that bothered me is that Richard looses his ability again; his magic is completely gone. Why does it happen again? Why can’t he just have his magic and learn how to use it!? Oh, and Kahlan doesn’t remember who she is so she can’t use her magic either. I also can’t get over how much obscenity there is in this book. It was rape after rape and discussions about torture and killing, and it just never ends!

Eventually, we get to the good portion of the book. We learn more about Richard’s role in the war and how he finally realizes that they can’t win through battle because the enemy’s army is huge. So he comes up with a new plan. Very interesting and should have been done from the beginning. It was also interesting to see what some of the Sisters of the Dark were up to with their plan to obtain the boxes of Orden. I also greatly enjoyed learning more about the first War Wizard and how he made Richard who he is! There is just so much going on in this book that it becomes a little overwhelming.

There are so many mysteries that still need to be revealed, and I can say that I am actually looking forward to reading the last book. I need to know if Richard gets his abilities back, if Kahlan gets her memory back, and see the result of what Nissa did at the ending of the book. OMG! I also want Richard and Kahlan to be back together and finally be able to enjoy their lives and put the war behind them. Not to mention that I would also greatly enjoy the destruction of the Imperial Order!


As everyone knows, and I have previously mentioned, there is a lot of repetition in this novel as in all the others. The author says something and then says the same thing again, but slightly different. So annoying. There is also a lot of nonsense dialog. It took about 50 pages for Goodkind to explain how terrible the Imperial Order is. I think we figured this out well before this book! So I skipped most of that; I get the idea. Also, there is a lot of explaining about the differences between what the Imperial Order believes and what the D’Haran’s believe, so that wasn’t very interesting since we know that already.

Overall Thoughts 

If you are a fan of the series, then keep reading! I do believe these last few books are better than some of the previous ones. Just do what I do and skip all the annoying parts. It makes it a much shorter and more enjoyable read. On to the last book of this massive series!

My rating 4/5 stars!

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