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Juliet Dove, Queen of Love (A Magic Shop Book) by Bruce Coville


Juliet Dove leaves Mr. Elives’ magic shop with Helen of Troy’s amulet–a virtual man magnet. Juliet doesn’t know what she’s got, but soon every boy in town is swoony for her. Yet, much as she’d like to lose all the unwanted attention, she can’t: The amulet won’t come off! (


381228(2)Juliet Dove, Queen of Love is the second magic shop book that I have read. It is good, but will not make my favorites list. I thought the story was cute, but it just wasn’t what I enjoy reading about. Basically, it felt like I was reading a romance novel with some magic thrown in.


Juliet comes across the magic shop, but it isn’t Mr. Elives she runs into, but some woman who ends up giving her a locket. When Juliet finally puts in on she can’t get it off, and then a huge fiasco ensues. She spends a long time trying to figure out how to get it off, while having to deal with hordes of boys following her around because they can’t help but falling in love with her (thanks to the locket). Not my favorite story and I almost feel like it may be a little inappropriate for younger readers.


I definitely liked the characters more than the story, which was good otherwise I wouldn’t have enjoyed the book as much. I love Juliet’s sister! She is so cute and has the funniest imaginary friend. There are also some very interesting rats, Roxanne and Jerome, who are rather enjoyable characters. As well as the many different Greek Gods/Goddesses that Juliet meets on her adventures.

Overall Thoughts

I did enjoy the book, but it definitely wasn’t one of my favorites. If you enjoy more romance in your novels than this is a great book for you! I am sure young girls will really like it.

My rating: 3/5 stars!

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