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Shadow Blizzard (Chronicles of Siala #3) by Alexy Pehov


After the loss of friends and comrades, after betrayals and battles, master thief Shadow Harold finally enters Hrad Spein. Hidden deep within the bowels of the dreaded underground fortress is the object of Harold’s quest: the Rainbow Horn, the magical object that would be the salvation of Siala. Many dangerous obstacles lie within, including magical traps, long-dead armies of elves and orcs, and fiendish ghouls —and there are sure to be even more deadly hurdles that are yet unknown.  Shadow Harold must now carry out the most daring theft of his life, and he must do it alone.

Already the armies of orcs and the Nameless One have begun their assault on the Northern Lands, and the days of despair and devastation have commenced. Even if Harold can successfully steal the Horn, will he be in time to save his world from destruction? (


shadow blizzard


After reading the previous two books and anticipating Harold’s adventure into Hrad Spein (Palace of Bones) it is finally here! I was hoping that it would live up to its expectations since it’s all that was really talked about in the series, and it definitely does! It is awesome and creepy! A good portion of the book is spent on the adventure through Hrad Spein and it is incredibly fascinating. I like how much detail there is to the point where you really feel like you’re there, but not so much that this part just drags; I think it is described perfectly. We also learn a lot about Siala by traveling through the all the levels of Hrad Spein, such as the Dancers and the one that created Siala, as well as the first true people. There was always enough to keep me interested, which made this long portion of the book easy to get through.

There are a few other big events that happen in this book, but I really can’t say anything about them without giving things away. I don’t think anything in the book was unnecessary or should have been cut out, which is good. Everything seemed to have a purpose even when I thought it didn’t. There was one part where we get to live among the Orcs for a little while, which I thought was pretty interesting. You don’t get to learn too much about them, but more than we knew before.

The plot also moves at a reasonable pace. There weren’t many times when it dragged out or become too uninteresting. The only exception was at the end of the book when the author decided to switch to a different point-of-view. We get to follow some of the battles that are taking place throughout Siala and follow many characters we know nothing about, which made it a difficult part to pay attention to. The point-of-view just jumps all over the place and I actually skimmed though most of these battles and it didn’t take anything away from the story. I also thought the big battle with the Horn to save Siala would have been a pretty epic part of the book, but I was a little disappointed. There really wasn’t much to it. At least I was entirely satisfied with the final ending to the series!


One of the big things that bothered me with the series was the large number of main characters. By the end of the book we are left with only a few of the group who set off in search of the Horn. I was a bit surprised as to who the author killed off near the beginning of the book and I can say that I was upset about it. Many more followed, but they weren’t quite as depressing. At least most of the book was spent just following Harold, which made it a bit more enjoyable. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like the other characters because I did, I just didn’t think the author did a great job of developing them and I had trouble remembering who some of the characters were.

Speaking of characters, we finally find out more about Kli-Kli and lets just say that I was surprised and totally did not see that coming! 🙂 Kli-Kli was probably my favorite character in the series!

Overall Thoughts

This is a great ending to a very interesting series. I would recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy! Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 18!

My rating: 4.5/5 stars!

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