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The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3) by Brandon Sanderson


Tricked into releasing the evil spirit Ruin while attempting to close the Well of Ascension, new emperor Elend Venture and his wife, the assassin Vin, are now hard-pressed to save the world (


mistborn3After finishing the previous book in the series I was really excited, yet hesitant to start this one. I completely enjoyed The Final Empire, but was slightly disappointed with The Well of Ascension. I was hoping this one would be the incredible ending that I was hoping for and I have to say that I wasn’t let down!


After Vin accidentally releases what is known as Ruin, the world is coming to an end all brought upon by Ruin himself. The ash is falling more heavily, the mists are out longer, and earthquakes and lava wreak more havoc on the land.  Everything is dying. Vin and Elend do their best to save their people, but time is running out!

Vin and Elend spend most of their time attempting to find all of the cache’s left by the Lord Ruler as well as the Atium hoard, but are having a difficult time with it. On their journey we learn many interesting and surprising things, some of which I can’t even explain without giving things away.

We finally learn the history behind the koloss, kandra, and Inquistors, as well as the true purpose of the mists and ton of information about the Lord Ruler! In was also interesting to read about why everything had to be written in metal and why certain things are hidden where they are. Most of what you want to know is answered in this book and even if you predicted some of it, I highly doubt you knew exactly how the book was going to end. It was an absolutely incredible, and emotional ending that I have never experienced before in a series. I was completely shocked, sad, and happy all at the same time. A truly emotional story and ending!

I enjoyed how well paced this book was. It was a lot like the first in the series where there are plenty of exciting things going on and lots of information to uncover that keeps you interested throughout the entire story. There weren’t any dull or unexciting parts that I just wanted to rush through. I also thought the story flowed really well and there wasn’t too much that should have been taken out. There were just a few instances when the author repeated what something was from a previous novel, which is great if you read these years apart, but back to back I didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t need any reminding.


The one thing about the characters that I really enjoyed is, except for Ruin, they are all “gray” characters. Not purely evil or good. Also, they are intelligent and logical  no matter which side they are on. The biggest character example I cannot explain because it would give too much away, but I think I concluded that nearly no one was entirely evil or good.

As always I love following Vin around because she is a fun and interesting character. Elend was also rather intriguing in this book as he learns more about his abilities, and struggles with his role as an emperor trying to protect his people as the world ends when there seems to be no hope. I actually couldn’t believe where they ended up at the end of the novel; it was completely unexpected.

In the previous novel I enjoyed reading more about Sazed and loved that he had his own chapters, but in this book (even though I still love his character) he is just depressing and a bit uninteresting because he just looses his faith in everything. After what happened to him at the end of The Well of Ascension I can understand a little bit, but he just goes too far and questions everything that he has ever done. I didn’t enjoy his chapters as much as I wish I could have, at least not until the very end. This is when he gets his faith back and becomes really interesting again attempting to gather more information as is his job as Keeper. His ending wasn’t at all what I expected and I was dumbfounded! 🙂 Just incredible!

One of the characters that plays a minor role in the other two books plays a much larger role in this book. Spook is awesome and he was a character I really overlooked. He is one to really pay attention to and what happens to him at the end of the book is spectacular.

There was also quite a bit of Tensoon in the book as well. He even has his own chapters and it was interesting to see what he was like compared to the rest of his kind when he goes on trial for the betrayal of his people. Everything that had to do with the Kandras was very intriguing!

I have to say that Ruin was and interesting character and everything that he has done to lead to this point truly amazed me. We find out more about him and his counterpart Preservation, as well as why he is doing all of this and how long he has been planning. He has been with all the characters for so long!

There are so many more characters to talk about but I just think you can discover the rest for yourself!


Sanderson’s writing is just fantastic! I don’t have any complaints about it and I don’t think you will either. He is an amazing writer and worldbuilder and I can’t wait to read more of his work!

Overall Thoughts

The Hero of Ages was an amazing ending to a fantastic series. The plot was interesting, the characters were great, and the writing was terrific!

This is a must read series for anyone who loves fantasy or even wants to get into fantasy! This series as a whole has made my top 5 list!! That is how good it is! I can’t explain enough how much you need to read it if you haven’t already. Young adults and adults alike will enjoy this series for years to come. READ IT!

My rating: 5/5 stars!

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