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The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events #13) by Lemony Snicket


You are presumably looking at the back of this book, or the end of The End. The end of The End is the best place to begin The End, because if you read The End from the beginning of the beginning of The End to the end of the end of The End, you will arrive at the end of the end of your rope.

This book is the last in A Series of Unfortunate Events, and even if you braved the previous twelve volumes, you probably can’t stand such unpleasantries as a fearsome storm, a suspicious beverage, a herd of wild sheep, an enormous bird cage, and a truly haunting secret about the Baudelaire parents.

It has been my solemn occupation to complete the history of the Baudelaire orphans, and at last I am finished. You likely have some other occupation, so if I were you I would drop this book at once, so The End does not finish you (goodreads.com). 


the endPlot

Honestly, there isn’t too much to this book. It was interesting and engaging, but only because of the information revealed and the anticipation of finding out how the story ends. The Baudelaires, after escaping from Hotel Denouncement, find themselves washed up on an island. Its inhabitants are pretty strange, but at first it appears they believe the Baudelaires and realize that Count Olaf is a treacherous person and he can’t hide himself in a disguise. There is something strange about some of the people on the island and all the secrets they and the island hide.

The plot moves at a decent pace and there is tons of information revealed throughout the story. Even though we find out a lot of information there are still a lot of answered question, which I am upset about. After reading 13 books I felt like they should have been answered.

The ending of the book is pretty decent. It is rather grim, but there is a bit of happiness too. Two characters end up dying in this book, one I was upset about and the other I couldn’t really care less, but the person knew some information to those unanswered questions!


There are plenty of new characters in this book because of all the people on the Island. However, the most notable new character is Ishmael, who is the leader on the island. He is quite a strange character and seems to be hiding something from the beginning. It was interesting to figure out what it was.


The writing was the same as all the others. I can’t really complain about it too much. Children will find the writing style quite enjoyable and adults will appreciate the humor.

Overall Thoughts

The ending wasn’t what I was expecting and after reading 13 books I wanted there to be more of an ending. I was upset that the author didn’t answer all the questions! 😦 Anyway, it was a decent ending considering this is a tale of unfortunate events. I suppose the ending kind of fits with the theme.

I think the younger you are the more you will enjoy the series; however, most of the humor will be lost on younger children, so adults may enjoy it as they read it with their children. It was a pretty good series and I am glad I read it. I don’t think I will ever read it again, at least not until my son is old enough to read them.

My rating: 3/5 stars!

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