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The Hostile Hospital (A Series of Unfortunate Events #8) by Lemony Snicket


There is nothing to be found in the pages of these books but misery and despair. You still have time to choose something else to read. But if you must know what unpleasantries befall the charming and clever Baudelaire children read on…The Hostile Hospital – There are many pleasant things to read about, but this book contains none of them. Within its pages are such burdensome details as a suspicious shopkeeper, unnecessary surgery, heartshaped balloons, and some very starling news about a fire. Clearly you do not want to read about such things (goodreads.com).



These books keep getting better and better! In The Hostile Hospital there is quite a bit going on and some more mysteries added to the plot. It takes place directly after the previous book with the Baudelaire children walking away from the village of V.F.D. They come upon a little convenient store and attempt to send a telegram to Mr. Poe asking for help, but after much waiting and no response the children are forced to leave when the owner figures out who they are. They end up catching a ride in a van filled with people who are V.F.D or Volunteers Fighting Disease. This leads them to the setting of this book, the Heimlich Hospital.

After getting a job in the Library of Records at the hospital, which is where they believe information on Jacques Snicket would be located, they find out some very interesting information. The Baudelaires are told by Hal that there is some information about them in a file about the Snicket fires. This intrigues the children and they attempt to do everything they can to find that file since Hal wont allow them to see it.

Eventually, and after much trouble, they figure out where the file is located. Once they have it they realize that only page 13 is left in the file, but something written on it brings them new found hope. OMG! I can’t believe what is written on this page! By this time, Olaf and his associates have found them and they are chased around the Library of Records. Sunny and Klaus manage to escape but Violet gets captured, so it is up to the other two to rescue her. After a lot of searching they end up finding where there sister is and it is not good news!

The ending of the book really left me wanting more. I mean the author can’t end the book where he did! Seriously! So I just have to start the next one right away, which sounds rather entertaining.

I really enjoyed this book of the series and am glad to find out that the books keep improving. With every book however, there are more questions that pop up than answers, so you have to keep reading to figure them out. Hopefully we get the answers to everything before the series comes to an end.


There are no new characters of note in this particular book because the children live on their own. Hal, their boss in the Library of Records, is as close to a guardian as they get. He is a very nice man and provides the children with plenty of snacks during work, but he doesn’t know who they are or that they are orphans. There also isn’t very much of him in the book. The children end up living on their own in the unfinished portion of the hospital.


As always, I have no complaints about the writing and am quite enjoying the author’s style. I believe I would enjoy it even more were I reading this as a child since I wouldn’t already know everything the author explains.

Overall Thoughts

This is a fantastic addition to the series and is a must read! An important piece of information is uncovered in this book! It is exciting, interesting, and definitely a page turner. If you are enjoying the series so far than please continue. If you are uncertain whether or not you will enjoy it due to the similarity in plots, I can tell you that you probably will enjoy it anyway. It is a great, humorous, and completely ridiculous series!

My rating: 4.5/5 stars!

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