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The Dragon’s Eye (Dragonology Chronicles Volume 1) by Dugald A. Steer


Daniel Cook and his sister, Beatrice, spend the summer with their parents’ eccentric former tutor, Dr. Ernest Drake. Not only do Daniel and Beatrice begin to study dragonology, but they are also soon caught up in the race to find the stolen Dragon’s Eye jewel – which has the power to reflect the true Dragon Master – before it is stolen by evil dragonologist Ignatius Crook. The two must work with Dr. Drake — as well as many friendly dragons — to foil Ignatius and recover the Dragon’s Eye ( 


vol 1Plot

The plot of this book is pretty simple and would be very easy for children to read, but adults will enjoy it as well. Daniel and Beatrice are siblings who, when their parents cannot come home after 4 years as expected, they are taken under the care of Dr. Drake (a family friend). Daniel and Beatrice have no idea what they are doing there and are not sure about it first, but a short time later they realize they are going to be going to school (taught by Dr. Drake) to learn about dragons! How exciting! I wish I could go!

The first 120 pages or so spends time with Daniel and Beatrice before and during classes. We learn about dragonology as they learn about it, first by going out into the field and doing some observations. All of these observations must be kept in their journal. There are plenty of other things that the children get to learn, but I don’t want to give it all away. Even though this consumes half the book it is still very interesting because we get to meet a couple of interesting dragons while learning all about dragonology. It moves at a great pace and I never found any part to be uninteresting because it was so fascinating. Any child you adores dragons will love this!

The second half of the book begins their adventure! Daniel, Beatrice, and Dr. Drake have to stop Ignatius from recovering the Dragon’s Eye. There is plenty of action, interesting scenes, lots of dragons, and they encounter many problems along the way. For a children’s book it moves at a great pace, but I would have preferred it to be a bit more detailed and move more slowly but children may not prefer this.

I thought the ending was great! It wraps up pretty nicely so you don’t actually have to read any of the other books if you don’t want to. However, there was one character who got away with some things and this could lead to problems later. I would assume this would be their next adventure.


The reason why I am not giving this book five stars is because of the characters. Throughout the entire book, even though their were plenty of good opportunities, we know next to nothing about Daniel and Beatrice. Because of this I wasn’t able to connect with them and care about them they way I should have been able to. They just weren’t developed enough. With other books left in the series I hope I get to know them a little more.

Dr. Drake was my favorite character. What we learn about him isn’t much either, but it is more than the children. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of person he was because when first encountering the character he seems harsh and rude, but then we learn that he is a loving and caring person. He adores dragons and does just about anything to ensure their safety and he knows a lot about dragonology. By far my favorite character so far in the series, though there are not many to choose from. Dr. Drake could have been more interesting.

Though their are glimpses of the evil characters in this book we don’t know too much about them other than what Dr. Drake has told us. Ignatius Crook believes that the Dragon’s Eye is rightfully his and that he should be the next Dragon Master but many others think otherwise. He is an evil, horrible person and there doesn’t seem to be any good in him whatsoever. He is your run of the mill bad character. I wish he would have been a little more interesting.


I loved the writing of the book! I don’t have any complaints! There were even some charts provided so we could see what the children were writing in the journals, and I loved the illustrations even though there were only a few. Perfectly written and I believe that younger children won’t have a hard time reading it.

Overall Thoughts

This is an interesting book and a great beginning to what looks like an amazing series. Anyone who loves dragons will love to read this book and it can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Although some parts weren’t detailed enough for me and I wish others would have moved more slowly, and the lack of character development, it is still a great, interesting story that will be enjoyed by all.

My rating: 4/5 stars!

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