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The Dragon’s Apprentice (Dragonology Chronicles #3) by Dugald A. Steer


As the third volume in the Dragonology Chronicles begins, Daniel and Beatrice Cook, along with their parents and their dragon chick, Torcher, are getting ready to open an orphan dragon sanctuary in St. Leonard’s Forest. At last, they can live as a family! But their joy is short-lived when Dr. Drake brings ominous news: several dragon members of the Society of Dragons have been attacked, and it looks to be the work of the Dragonsbane Knights, a secret society of dragonkillers who were thought to have been eradicated centuries ago. Then poor Torcher is kidnapped, and Daniel and Beatrice, with the help of an adolescent dragon named Erasmus, set out to rescue him. Along the way, they uncover a traitor within the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists itself, the greatest threat the group has faced in hundreds of years! Can Daniel and Beatrice find a way to bring down the traitor — and thwart the return of the Dragonsbane Knights? (



I really enjoyed this book a lot and thought it was just as good as the previous book. Even though we don’t get to encounter as many different types of dragons as the last book, what really made this book for me was Erasmus, a new dragon that is introduced. I will discuss more about him later. Anyway, the plot was pretty interesting and very adventurous. Daniel and Beatrice are finally reunited with their parents after four long years, but their time with them is short-lived. Torcher, their baby dragon, ends up getting kidnapped, supposedly by a group called the Dragonsbane Knights. It is up to Daniel and Beatrice with the help of Erasmus to get their young dragon back. Much awesomeness ensues!

The story moves at a great  pace and a lot of history of the S.A.S.D is included as well as information about the mysterious Dragonsbane Knights. It was fun, entertaining, enjoyable, and there were not any dull or lagging parts. I finished this book very quickly because it was so interesting!


Erasmus is the newest dragon introduced in this book and I adore him! He is half Frost dragon and half European dragon, which is pretty neat and he has a great, if unpleasant, personality. Erasmus is one of the few dragons who actually hate humans and wants to break the contract that is between them. This is troubling since he is the Dragon’s Apprentice or the next in line to become the Guardian of the Dragons. The current Guardian hopes that Erasmus will change his mind after spending some quality time with Daniel and Beatrice.

At first he is very cold and grumpy, but as he spends more time with the children his personality towards them begins to change. I loved watching him develop as a character because he changes so much throughout the book. I really hope he will be in the next one. He is by far my favorite character in this book, especially since there isn’t much of Torcher.

The main characters are back including Dr. Drake, Beatrice and Daniel to name just a few. The villain on the other hand isn’t revealed until the end of the book since no one can figure out who is the leader of the Dragonsbane Knights, but I was quite surprised to find out who it was. Though I did have my suspicions from the very beginning.

Overall Thoughts

This book is terrific! Fun, entertaining, completely enjoyable, and a great addition to the series. Anyone who has enjoyed the previous books will love this one! Be sure to start from the beginning of the series! I can’t wait to read the final book!

My rating: 4/5 stars!

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