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The Dragon Prophecy (Dragonology Chronicles #4) by Dugald A. Steer


Brother and sister dragonology students Daniel and Beatrice Cook are looking forward to returning to their studies with Dr. Ernest Drake and Erasmus, their half-dragon tutor. But what they learn is that the evil dragonologist Alexandra Gorynitchka, who is bent on controlling (or destroying!) all the world’s dragons, is searching for the fearsome Hammer of the Dragons, an ancient weapon that can kill hundreds of dragons in a single stroke. So it is up to Dr. Drake and the children to pursue her to the Lost Isle, where Alexandra is amassing a large army of enslaved dragons. There the siblings learn of the Dragon Prophecy, which says that the return of the Hammer of the Dragons can only be stopped by two children “wise beyond their years in the ways of dragons.” Could Daniel and Beatrice be the children in the prophecy? (



In this final adventure with Beatrice, Daniel, and Dr. Drake, Alexandra is after another artifact that will help her conquer all dragons, and it is up to them to stop her. This time Alexandra is after the Hammer of the Dragons, which can kill dragons in a single stroke. It is located on the Lost Isle and this is where the majority of the story takes place. Beatrice, Daniel and Dr. Drake learn that Alexandra has enslaved all the Frost Dragons in her search for dragon dust and the hammer. So, they not only have to figure out how to free the Frost Dragons, they have to find the hammer and fulfill the dragon prophecy.

It is their new dragon friend Koa who tells them of the prophecy and the history of the island. The children along with the help of Dr. Drake spend much of the book going from place to place in order to find clues relating to the true location of the Hammer because only the Dragon Master is able to open the door. They have to do this secretly because they don’t want to be caught by Alexandra again.

Even though it seems kind of boring, I think this was my second favorite of the series. It is very exciting and filled with mystery and intrigue. There were tons of things going on in this book and so much information that it really kept me interested in the story. The plot also moves at a great pace!

The ending of the book wasn’t at all what I expected. Be prepared for a real tear jerking ending! 😦  I was pretty upset about it, but that doesn’t mean it was awful. I don’t want to give it away, so just know that it is a good ending to the series, but rather sad.


This is the last time we get to go on an adventure with Daniel and Beatrice, the children whom we have come to love over the last several books. I don’t have much to say about this section of my review because there weren’t really any new characters of note to discuss, except for Koa.

Koa is an amphithere dragon, the oldest living dragon on the Lost Isle. He has a great personality and seems very intimidating at first, especially with the pile of child-like bones in his den. However, he turns out to be a great friend to Dragonologists and is a big help to Daniel, Beatrice, and Dr. Drake while they are on the island.

I am sorry to say that one of our favorite dragons doesn’t make it to the end of the book, which is incredibly sad. I just couldn’t believe it! This is one of the reasons why the ending is so depressing.


As in all the previous books the writing is superb! The author explains everything clearly and doesn’t talk down to his reader. Also, the illustrations the accompany the text are awesome and really add something to the story. I love them and that there are just enough of them to get an idea, but not so many that it takes away some of a child’s imagination while reading the book.

Overall Thoughts

This is a terrific ending to an awesome children’s series! I highly recommend reading if you love fantasy, adventure, and especially dragons! These books are appropriate for children 8 and older!

My rating: 4/5 stars!

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