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New Rating System!

I have officially decided to become more critical with my ratings, so I created a table as a quick explanation. Hopefully, this will distribute ratings more accurately among one, two, three, four, and five stars. Now it will be more difficult for a book to earn a high rating, thereby making sure it is most definitely a book worth reading. Each category will total 5 stars and I will take the total’s average to use as my rating. As always, I will explain within my review and a score for each category will be given at the end.

Only my newly written reviews will implement this system (I currently have some that are written, but not posted that won’t use this system). All other reviews will continue with the old rating system, which will also be used to rate books on Goodreads and Amazon.

New Rating System 

Rating Table

Old Rating System

5 stars: An amazing book! I would definitely read this again!

4 stars: Excellent book! I may read this again.

3 stars: Good book, but I wouldn’t read this again.

2 stars: Started book, but it wasn’t for me. Couldn’t finish it.

1 star: Terrible book. Was a waste of time to read. Wouldn’t recommend reading.

4 thoughts on “New Rating System!

  1. I’ve never thought of breaking reviews down like this…I like it a lot! I break down my written reviews into subheadings which helps me a lot when it comes to reviewing and I feel like I should establish a set of rules for the actual rating because it can get really hard using a 5 star system sometimes 😛


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