Sunday Showcase

Sunday Showcase #1

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*Sunday Showcase is a weekly feature in which I discuss a bunch of blogging and bookish things I discovered over the week. Typically, I will showcase a new blog I found or a great one that I follow, an interesting post or two, and a book I discovered and/or added to my TBR list! Every once in a while I may also have some other interesting bookish things to share. 🙂

 Awesome Blog!

This week I found a new book blog, Little Book Owl! Catriona’s vlog is AMAZING! She mainly reviews Young Adult fiction, but you will also find some giveaways and other book related posts. You can also check out her YouTube channel, which is also dedicated to books. I love being able to watch her videos while enjoying my morning coffee! She has lots of great content so be sure to check out her blog!


Interesting Posts!

Last Sunday, Angelina and Brianna over at Fable’s Library had an interesting post about whether or not book bloggers should be paid. I found it very interesting and agreed with some of their points. It can be VERY expensive for bloggers to have a site and customize it the way they want (exactly why I use a free blog), so I think that donations are acceptable in order to keep the site up and running. Otherwise, I believe we should blog for the pure enjoyment of it. Spreading the word helps new and/or old blogs get recognized thereby getting them more followers. Hopefully, with enough followers the blogger will be contacted by authors and/or publishers to review books. This way we may not have to pay for some of the books we review, which helps cut down on costs and donations allow us to have our blog look the way we want. Check out the post here!

Another post I found over at The Quill to Live is entitled “Masters of Prose”. This is a great list that Andrew created about authors who have the best prose. I thought it was interesting and I have read quite a few books by authors on the list and I totally agree! I am also glad to see that the author of Tigana is on the list because I am definitely going to be reading that soon. Be sure to check out his post here!


New Book!

This week I came across Beastkeeper and added it to my TBR list! I can’t wait to pick up a copy at the library and see how good it is! So far it seems to be getting pretty good reviews. I believe its a fairy tale re-telling of Beauty and the Beast and I have been liking all the retellings of other fairy tales that I have found so far. I have high hopes for this one.




Bookish Accessory!

So I really wanted to get myself a little something with all the Christmas money I still have left, so I decided to find something unique and bookish. I found the most perfect thing! I bought the cutest earrings from a little shop called A Likely Story on Etsy. I love these earrings! and they are the first piece of bookish jewelry I have bought. I believe she still has some left so you can pick up a pair for yourself if you love them. Check them out here!


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