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Mini Review: Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson



With Steelheart now dead, another Epic has his sight on Newcago, or more specifically on David. Mitosis will do anything to kill David even if it means killing every innocent life in the city. Will the Reckoners be able to stop this new threat to their precious city?

I thought Mitosis was a great short story and a fun read. It isn’t at all necessary to read it, but there are mentions in Firefight of Mitosis, so you could be more familiar with him if you want to be. It was a very quick read being under a hundred pages, and if you really enjoyed Steelheart I recommend reading Mitosis.

I’m not sure why the story couldn’t have been worked into the next book since it wasn’t overly long or complicated. Mitosis is an interesting Epic with a more interesting weakness that may be leading David to assume that the weaknesses of Epics may not be as random as he thinks.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson

  1. This was a fun little bridging story to read 🙂 I have the hardcover edition for this so, I’m not sure how it is with other version, but there was a section at the end that hard drawing of the various epic from STEELHEART and FIREFIGHT going over their bio, strength, and stuff like that.


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