Lunar Chronicles · Marissa Meyer · Young Adult

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer



I have heard so many great things about this book and I adore fairy tale re-tellings, so I knew I had to read this as soon as the series was finished. It didn’t let me down. This was fantastic! It is a unique, fascinating, and entertaining take on Cinderella! I really enjoyed this book and if you love fairy-tale re-tellings then I think you will too. I highly recommend giving this a try. I look forward to the next book!


This is pretty much the story of Cinderella, but with the neatest, coolest twist ever! Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who works in a booth at the market in order to make a living for her family. Her step-mother is horrible as is one of her step-sisters. The thing I loved was that one of her step-sisters really cared for her and didn’t treat her like dirt. Once she meets Kai, the crown-prince, her life is going to change forever!

The plot revolves around Cinder and finding out her unique history while trying to find a cure for Letumosis, a disease that has been killing people all over the world for over a decade. Then in comes Queen Levana, queen of Luna, the moon. She wants nothing but to marry Prince Kai and become Empress and will stop at nothing in order to obtain it. Of course, Prince Kai ends up falling for Cinder and asks her to the ball…

I absolutely loved the plot of this book! It was such a unique, original take on Cinderella that I just couldn’t stop talking about it.

The pacing was perfect! I was never disinterested in the story and I always felt anticipation for what was going to happen next. Would Kai ever find out Cinder was a Cyborg. Omg! The anticipation!

I loved how everything fit together with the story of Cinderella even though this is such a different take on it. It was believable and entirely entertaining.

I suppose the only thing that actually bothered me about the plot was the predictability. It was entirely obvious who Cinder was from the very beginning of the book even though it isn’t revealed until the end. I knew right away and I’m surprised that Cinder wasn’t able to figure it out before she was told. There were quite a few other twists to the book, but all of them were just too predictable, which took some of the fun out of the book. I could only imagine what my reaction would have been had I not known. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was whether Prince Kai was going to find out if Cinder was a cyborg. Otherwise, I pretty much guessed everything else. However, since it is a re-telling, predictability is to be expected.

Despite its predictability, the plot was unique and interesting enough to keep me engaged in the book all the way through.


The world is so awesome! Omg! A take on Cinderella with cyborgs, androids, and people who live on the moon! This is so awesome! This world sounds pretty cool, except for the whole epidemic thing…

Cars are apparently a thing of the past and everyone travels using hovers. Everyone also has a chip embedded in their arm which identifies them and allows them to pay for services. Such an awesome idea!

I really enjoyed all the different aspects of the world and thought it was unique, yet familiar enough to imagine it.


This won’t be too difficult since there weren’t very many main characters…

I adored Cinder! She is smart, sweet, and a female mechanic. How awesome! I was so glad for a change to finally read about a female character who has a brain. It was refreshing! I felt connected to her right away because of the amount of information we know about her from the beginning. The treatment she receives from her family and the hardships she faces being a cyborg, it made me feel very sorry for her and I just wanted to stand up for her!

Prince Kai….oh how I love him. He is everything you want in a prince! He is handsome, charming, and sweet. He cares a lot about his people and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. I can’t wait to see more of him in the other books. I also love his hatred toward Queen Levana!

Oh, how I despise Queen Levana. She is such a horrible, controlling, manipulative person. She is only able to rule her people because she is able to use mind control. How do you dethrone someone who can control your thoughts like that? ugh! Apparently, she also isn’t very beautiful and uses a constant glamour on everyone. Anyone who can see through it, she kills. So terrible. In a way I kind of like her as the villain, but I need to see another side to her as well. Multidimensional villains are the most interesting.

The other character I adored was Iko, Cinder’s sweet little android who helps her out. She has such a great personality and seems to want nothing more than to be human. Loved her!

On another note…Cinder’s family, except for Peony, is pretty much what you would expect. A horrible, controlling step-mother and step-sister. I did like that at least one of the sisters loved Cinder.


I loved the writing! It was great and I no complaints about it. It was some of the best writing I have yet to come across in a young adult novel.


The cover is great! It is simple and totally makes sense! It is also eye-catching and well designed!


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