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City of Glass (Mortal Instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare



A great addition to the series that is well paced and ties up many loose ends. It has decent character development and ends satisfyingly. No cliffhanger ending that has you wanting to read the next book ASAP however, I am looking forward to where the next few books will go. If you have enjoyed the first couple books I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to pick this one up and if you don’t want to read further than this there is no reason you need to.


We learn in the previous book that Clary must travel to Alicante (The City of Glass) in order to save her mother. In turns out that Valentine has set his sights on this particular place and will stop at nothing to destroy the council. It is up to Clary to unite the Downworlders and Shadowhunters to save the city, while trying to figure out how to save her mother.

I was surprised to find that the entire book was well paced. There was plenty of action and mystery mixed with a fair amount of romance to create an engaging and entertaining story.

There were a couple of twists spread throughout that I sure didn’t see coming. One such twist pertains to Clary’s brother. I thought this was great!

A ton of information is revealed in this book. We finally learn all about the history between Jocelyn and Valentine as well as Clary and Jace. This was a fantastic, interesting aspect of the book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was nice to finally get some answers.

I also loved that certain couples finally get together, so maybe the whole love-triangle thing will cease in the next three books.

The ending was actually great, but I’m wondering where exactly the story is going to go from here. It was well wrapped up and doesn’t necessarily have me begging to read the next book. However, there was one loose end pertaining to Sebastian towards the end of the book and I have a feeling the next several books focus on this. I’m actually glad to not be eager to read the next book because I actually have to read Clockwork Angel next and wouldn’t want to if this book was left on a cliffhanger.


Finally! This book explores the famous home of the Shawdowhunters, Idris. It was great to learn about their home and to explore more of the Council. I actually wish there would have been more exploring, but maybe that will be for another book. There wasn’t quite enough detail for me, but there was enough I suppose.


Although I dislike Clary, I think I might be warming up to her just a little bit. She is still pretty stupid and reckless, but at least after the fact she is thinking about her actions. She actually feels guilty after doing something reckless! I also liked how she showed more initiative and does the right thing. She stands up in front of the council and explains what she can do because she knows that she has to. One other thing she does is to feel hesitant towards one of the new characters, Sebastian. At first she is really into him, but later she realizes that something isn’t quite right and no matter how much he asked she wouldn’t go off alone with him again. So maybe she is starting to smarten up after all because the old Clary I am sure would have gone with him.

Jace is a great character and we get to know a lot more about his history. It is finally revealed what Valentine did to him as a child and who is really is. I thought he was much more developed and it helped a lot to understand what he was thinking.

Alec is actually growing up and become a respectable adult in the Shadowhunter community. He is also starting to feel much more comfortable about his relationship with Magnus.

As always, I love Simon! He is such a great character! Finally, we see him starting to let go of Clary, but is still protective of her and really cares about her as well. He starts to explore other options since he knows that Clary doesn’t feel the same way about him.

There is much more development towards Valentine as well. We learn more about his past and his actions towards both Jace and Jocelyn. There are a few heart-to-heart moments that make you realize that he actually sees himself as doing the right thing, that he isn’t a monster at all. He may even regret many of his past actions.

For the most part, I thought the characters development continued throughout this book. There were some that didn’t, but with several more books to go who knows?


The writing isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the best either. I think that there was an overuse of similes and metaphors, some of which were kind of strange, but otherwise it was okay. I have read better.


Like all the other covers so far I feel as if this cover could have been soooo much better! The design isn’t that great with the stupid blurbs on the front and I HATE advertisements for movies or shows. I also don’t like that it portrays one of the characters in the background, which is just stupid. I think they could have chosen something else to better represent the story.


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