Lunar Chronicles · Marissa Meyer · Young Adult

Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer



An amazing conclusion to a spectacular series! I couldn’t believe how well paced this book was and how it had a perfect blend of action, character development, and romance to create a super engaging story. The ending was terrific though I wish there would have been even more to it than there was. I loved all the characters and thought they were well developed and interesting, and the world-building was fantastic. Finally, exploring Luna was a great aspect of this book and it was interesting and well detailed. The writing was also amazing! Just read it! The whole series! You won’t be disappointed!


This was such an exciting conclusion to this series! I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed this!

The plot moves at such a great pace! Everything was interesting, especially because we finally get to explore A LOT more of Luna! I was surprised by this because this book is 824 pages! An awfully long book to not have any dragging moments! There were lots of battles and high action moments and during those times when it was lacking the character development and conversations were spectacular, both hilarious and romantic!

There were very few moments in which I wasn’t on the edge of my seat! I just needed to know how this was all going to end. Even though I wanted to savor this last book by reading it more slowly, I just found myself flying through it! I couldn’t help it! 🙂 I never wanted to put it down!

Although I knew what to expect with this being a re-telling and all, it still had its surprises. I honestly thought it was going to end a bit differently than it did and am a bit upset by it, but I wasn’t disappointed at least. The ending was well thought out and wasn’t rushed, which I was thankful for. Everything wrapped up very nicely. It definitely brought a few tears because my time with all my favorite characters was finally over. 😦

I’m actually hoping the author will do another book or short story collection that tells us about the lives of our favorite characters several years after the ending of this book. That would be awesome. Stars Above wasn’t really what I was hoping for.


Omg! We finally get to explore the entirety of Luna! It is so amazing and beautiful (some parts) and I would just love to visit sometime!

Meyer did a fantastic job describing Luna and provided plenty of details. I loved how we got to explore both the center city of Luna as well as the outskirts because it was amazing how differently the people live. I felt so sorry for those who had to live in the outskirts in those terrible conditions with little food and not much for a home. 😦 It was super depressing.

“…the elaborate beauty of Artemisia felt like a distant dream. Gone were the glistening tiles and intricate statues, gone were the polished woods and glowing orbs. This platform was dark and cold and tasted of still, sterile air. Every surface was covered in a layer of dust, years of footprints pressed into it.

“The entire neighborhood was a ramshackle assortment of metal sheets and wood panels and stray materials left abandoned in the spaces between, waiting to be given a new use.”


I can’t say too much about the characters in this book because by now we know them so well.

Winter is the newest character and she definitely has a unique personality. She is going a bit crazy because it has been too long since she has used her gift and she refuses to do so. She knows nothing good ever comes from it. Despite her hallucinations, she is still very sweet, friendly, beautiful and adored by everyone. I loved her relationship with Jacin and thought it was very sweet and romantic. They love each other so much and even with her problems, Jacin stays by her side! 🙂

The only thing I loved about Jacin was his unconditional love for Winter. Otherwise, I thought he fell flat as a character. There just wasn’t much personality to him, nothing to really distinguish him from another guard. He was always super nice and friendly to Winter but was kind of a dick to everyone else.

Thorne and Cress are so super sweet together! Love them! Wolf and Scarlet are great together as well. I also love seeing Cinder and Kai together! OMG! All the characters were just great and I can’t get enough of them. Iko…I just loved Iko. Her personality was awesome and so much different than you would expect from an android.

“Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable” –Iko

I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this book even though it focused a lot on the romance. Usually, I hate books that do this, but this book/series had such a great plot and interesting characters that I didn’t mind the romance in the least. Marissa Meyer did such a fantastic job and there are quite a few other authors who need to learn from her and how she blends romance into a perfect story.


Amazing as every other book in this series. It is beautiful and well written. The dialogue was amazing and made perfect sense, never was it forced. I was amazed that I could actually laugh out loud while reading a book. It doesn’t happen very often.


Love this cover. It’s gorgeous! Absolutely perfect! Couldn’t have been better!

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