Book Hauls

June/July 2016 Book Haul!

Bought some awesome books these past two months! Most of them were acquired in July and I can’t believe I found so many good ones at my library sale!


HPB Outlet…


The Monster’s Ring is the final book I need to read in this series and I couldn’t believe I found it at HPB while visiting my parents. It was only .50 cents and since my local library didn’t have it, I just decided to grab it. My son will want to read it when he is older anyway. 🙂

I hear so many great things about N.K Jemisin and though I tried to read her Inheritance Trilogy, it wasn’t for me. I hope The Shadowed Sun will be more to my liking. Now if only I can find the first in the duology!

Local Library Sale…

20702949176749681429036413414446A Crown for Cold Silver (The Crimson Empire, #1)1581091012127810298568

I’m so glad I found the second book in the Expeditioner’s series! I haven’t read the first yet, but it’s supposed to be good. I was able to add a new Last Apprentice book to my collection. I have quite a few of them now and hope to collect all of them soon. I have only read the first one, but I have heard good things about all of them.

I’m quite looking forward to reading books by Riordan so I’m finding as many of those as I can. I actually came across The Thousand Names and The Necromancer’s House while browsing and they both sound amazing, especially the latter. Though I couldn’t find the first book in The Legend Series, I hope to find it on my next visit. At least I have the other two!


Of course, I had to buy all of the books in the Raven Cycle!!! They look great on my shelf!! 🙂



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