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Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4) by Brandon Sanderson



I actually liked this book a bit more than the original trilogy. The plot was more enjoyable because it wasn’t the typical “end of the world” plot, but an interesting mystery to solve. The characters were fairly entertaining, especially Wax and Wayne, and the world was fantastic. The addition of Twin-born and guns into this world was unique and exciting as well!


Alloy of Law takes places centuries after the end of the original trilogy. Now there are guns, electricity, trains, and “horseless carriages” creating an interesting environment for Brandon Sanderson’s Allomancers and Ferchuemists.

In this book, we follow Wax, a new head of a noble house in Elendel, with his friend Wayne who must solve the mystery of goods that are disappearing from train cars with no explanation, and track down the women that are being kidnapped. Both crimes are being done by a group called The Vanishers. This was an interesting fantasy novel to read because it doesn’t have the “world is ending” plot, which is overdone and boring.

The plot was almost entirely unpredictable and very exciting, though it moved rather quickly. The pace of the book would probably bother those who no nothing of the world and what the Allomantic powers can do. It may be a bit confusing. I suggest reading the original trilogy first because that gives you a much better understanding of all the Allomantic abilities. However, for those who have already read the original trilogy, you will enjoy the quicker pace of this novel because the author doesn’t repeat unnecessary information.

The only part of the book I was able to predict was who Miles’s boss was. It took a little while for me to figure it out, but I did so well before the book ended so that big reveal was kind of spoiled for me.

I enjoyed the mystery, and trying to figure out how The Vanishers were pulling off their heist, but I wasn’t able to figure it out. At least it is all explained in this book and I can say that it was rather clever.

Throughout the book, there was tons of action! Battle after battle, which were all well described, but there were a few too many. There was also time to develop the relationships between characters, most of whom were very interesting. This book was also hilarious for those of you who love laugh out loud moments!

Although the mystery behind the stolen cargo is solved, there are still the missing women. The ending of the book was fantastic and even brings back a beloved character from the original trilogy! 🙂


The world is even more interesting than it was in the original trilogy because other weapons are now introduced. It was great to see how the Allomancers were able to incorporate guns into the mix. They can use them along with their powers or to stop other Allomancers. One of the characters is creating different kinds of bullets that are able to stop certain Allomancers. This allows for no specific Allomancer to be more powerful than another or a non-gifted person, which I really liked. I felt like the Mistborn (from the original books) were too overpowered.

An interesting addition to this world is what is called Twin-born. Twin-born refers to people who have one Allomantic ability and one Feruchemical abilityCertain combinations of these abilities can be quite powerful as they work so well together. I am excited to see more combinations of these powers in the following books.


Wax and Wayne have such an awesome friendship; sometimes they seem more like brothers. Wayne is definitely the comic relief throughout the book. He has an obsession with stealing things though he calls it trading. He does trade for what he wants but tends to leave something of little or no value in its place. I think that Wayne is my favorite character! He is developed rather well, especially because we get to know a bit about his past and how he met Wax. Wayne is a Twin-born who’s allomantic ability allows him to create a bubble inside of which time is sped up and his other ability is to be able to heal himself. His abilities really play into his personality!

Wax is another Twin-born. He is a coin shot but also has the Feruchecmical ability to make himself heavier or lighter. Together these are quite powerful abilities. I liked his obsessive personality with the law and doing the right thing; he is a nobleman turned lawman with a hero complex.

Lady Marasi was an interesting character, especially once her true personality is revealed. I also actually liked Steris because she is so uptight that it is funny (drew up a relationship contract with many different sections).

The villain, Miles, was intriguing because of his twin-born abilities which make him nearly immortal. He can heal so fast that nothing can kill him. At least he isn’t over powered because he can be captured and contained.


I enjoyed the writing! There wasn’t anything I found wrong with it, though it is Brandon Sanderson!


I actually don’t like the steam-punk cover because I don’t find that to be very attractive. However, the design is great, though I wish it would say that it was book four in the Mistborn series, not just a Mistborn novel. I believe the UK version of the book has a much prettier cover.

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