Maggie Stiefvater · Raven Cycle · Young Adult

The Dream Thieves (Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvator




This is a brilliantly constructed story with interesting, well-developed characters and an engaging plot, though it moves more slowly. The world-building is spectacular and the writing is great!


Dream Thieves picks up where The Raven Boys left off. Specifically, this book focuses almost entirely on Ronan and his peculiar ability to take objects out of his dreams. We learn a lot about Ronan’s past and how he fits into Cabeswater, the mystical forest.

I thought the book moved rather slowly, but it wasn’t at all boring. There was just a ton of character and relationship development, romance, and even a bit of violence. Also, there was an introduction to a new character, Mr. Gray, who is very mysterious.

The plot isn’t at all predictable, which I greatly enjoyed. It is intriguing, mysterious, and even a bit confusing, but in a good way. I will mention that this book had many more swear words, mainly “fuck” and “shit”, but that doesn’t bother me. However, I know it bothers others, so I will make you aware that the language is much darker than the previous book. There is also a bit of drinking and characters getting drunk, as well as a couple characters taking pills in order to fall asleep to enter their dream-realms.


The world is expanded upon more in this book and it was incredible. We get to learn all about Ronan’s ability to take things out of his dreams, not all good either. A few horrible, hideous creatures escape Ronan’s mind, which was fascinating, yet terrifying.

Apparently, there are quite a few people who want the Greywarren and they aren’t good either. Everything about the Greywarren is intriguing and I hope to learn more about it in future books.

I would really like to know how/why Ronan has this ability!!

Adam also realizes Spoiler that he can communicate with Cabeswater!


Gansey hasn’t developed anymore in this book, in my opinion. He was so well developed in the previous one that I don’t even know if there is anything left.

Since this book focuses on Ronan, his character is greatly developed. We get insight as to who he is and how he became that way. We even get a glimpse of the Ronan that Gansey became friends with! A happy, ecstatic Ronan!

“Reality’s what other people dream for you.”

Adam is trying to deal with these strange visions he keeps getting while trying to figure out Blue. I feel so sorry for Adam and his situation. I appreciate that he wants to do everything himself, but it is kind of getting annoying that he keeps thinking people are pitying him. I mean why can’t he just ask for help every once in a while. Everyone needs help sometimes, and his friends are more than willing.

Blue doesn’t play a huge role in this book, but when we do see her she is trying to figure out her feelings. She is in a relationship with Adam but knows he isn’t her true love, and realizes she is falling in love with Gansey. She doesn’t want to hurt Adam, but she knows she can’t stay with him. 😦

I still LOVE Noah, and though he isn’t in the book very often, the moments in which he is are awesome! I love the discussion between him and Blue. It was so sad 😦 Poor Noah.

Mr. Gray is the newest character and a fairly interesting one. He is a hit man, and apparently a good one, who is searching for the Greywarren for his boss (who I think is even more mysterious). We see is hard, brutal side, but also his more loving, true side when he meets Blue’s mother. I’m still not sure whether or not to trust him. I really want to know even more about his past and his boss!


The writing was about the same as the previous book. There were a few instances in which words were repeated unnecessarily, but not quite as many as before. I also felt like the author explained who was speaking, even when it was not necessary. Gansey said this, Ronan said that, Blue said this even when we know who is speaking/responding. It became a bit annoying, but I tried to ignore it and just enjoy the story.


The cover depicts Ronan and ravens! I thought it was very fitting and beautifully illustrated. The title, author and book number are all clearly displayed. Though there are no blurbs or advertisements on the front (YAY!) the back cover is filled with them, which I guess is okay 😦

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