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Calamity (Reckoners #3) by Brandon Sanderson



This was an amazing ending to a great series! The pacing was perfect, there was a great blend of action, information, and twists, the world was expanded upon in a unique and interesting way, and the characters were well-developed and memorable. I highly recommend this series to everyone!


Calamity was such a fantastic ending to a great series! We actually get to explore even more of the world that Sanderson has created. This time, we travel all the way to Atlanta in an attempt to bring down Prof!

The pacing of the story was spot on and there was so much information revealed that it was unbelievable. We learn all about Knighthawk (the guy who controls the phone network among other things), Prof’s weakness, more about Megan’s powers, as well as learning the true identity of Calamity! All of this was just amazing and was incorporated perfectly into the story that there weren’t any long, drawn out information dumps or anything like that. There was also a nice blend of action that intermingled with everything we learn in this book. It was done perfectly to keep the readers attention. I have no complaints about the pacing of this particular book.

As in the other books in the series, there were quite a few twists that I totally did not expect! It was awesome! It wasn’t at all predictable, and though I had ideas as to how it would end, I ended up being wrong. I have to say that during a few parts I almost shed a few tears! 😦

Oh, and the ENDING was FANTASTIC! Sanderson really knows how to end a series with a bang! Everything wrapped up nicely and I was completely satisfied with this amazing ending! At first, I didn’t think that he was going to be able to finish the story because the team still had to figure out how to make Prof face his fear and take down Calamity, but there were only so many pages left I thought it impossible. I didn’t want to be disappointed in a rushed ending. However, everything ended up coming together nicely to create an engaging, nicely paced ending.


In the previous books, we have gotten to explore Newcago, a city of steel, Manhattan, a city underwater, and now Atlanta, the city of salt. Yes, it is entirely made of salt crystals, which creates a very unique, interesting environment to say the least. It is really neat to explore all of this while you read so I’m not going into too much detail. I just wanted to say that this was another interesting city to explore and can’t be much fun to live in. Sanderson did a fantastic job with his descriptions and I can say that I would never want to live in this Atlanta for more than one reason. 🙂

It was also great to learn about even more different kinds Epics. There are so many, all of whom seem to be pretty interesting! Larcener has to be one of the most fascinating.

The parallel world that Megan is able to explore also took on much more of a role in this book, and ended up helping out on more than one occasion. It was intriguing to see another world in which Epics were heroes and trying to figure out how that was possible.


The main focus of the story is Prof and we can see what has become of him during multiple encounters. He really isn’t the person we have come to love, but there may still be a part of him deep down that is trying to fight. Prof confronting his fears was a very emotional part of the book and makes you look at Prof a different way.

David, now that Prof is gone and Tia is missing, has to succumb to being a leader instead of being point. Throughout the entire book, he struggles with this since it is a lot of pressure to hold so many lives in your hands, especially because David tends to be impulsive. He attempts to overcome his impulsiveness in order to be a better leader. Over the course of the novel, we see David struggling with this among other things that are going on. In the end, I believe he became a great leader.

Megan develops throughout the book as she learns to control her abilities without flipping over to the “dark side”. It takes quite a bit of work, and she almost flipped on several occasions.

A new character introduced in this book is Larcener. He is a very intriguing Epic because he is one of the few that got his powers as a child. Larcener doesn’t even act in the same way as all the other Epics. Learning about his abilities and mannerisms was a highlight of this final book. Even though he was introduced late in the series, I thought he was a well developed, interesting character.

Some of the characters including Mizzy, Abraham and Cody weren’t that developed. However, Sanderson did a great job creating some interesting, complex, well-developed characters.


The writing was great and I wasn’t even annoyed about the use of all the metaphors or similes. It really worked well in this book as I have become accustomed to associate this with David’s personality and not really the author’s writing.


I really like the cover and how it is in the same style as the previous two. It is well designed and eye-catching, and it is kind of how I pictured Calamity to look when looking in the sky.

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6 thoughts on “Calamity (Reckoners #3) by Brandon Sanderson

  1. I’ve been thinking of starting this series at some point…though I heard somewhere that Sanderson bought reviews to get him started on Amazon, so I’m a little leery of his work…
    But with the review from you, it might be worth a read! 👍


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