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City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare



A good ending to a decent, yet overly-hyped series with terrible writing and mostly lovable characters. This book was decently paced, though much longer than it needed to be, and I hated the introduction of new characters. I enjoyed exploring more of the world and venturing as far as the demon realm was pretty fantastic. I also enjoyed and was satisfied with the ending of the book. I will mention here that The Infernal Devices  is a much better read if you want to read something from this world!


City of Heavenly Fire is the final book in The Mortal Instruments series, and it begins where the previous book left off. This book wasn’t an emotional ending for me, nothing like The Infernal Devices, but it was still okay.

I thought the pacing was decent. There were a few instances in which I was skimming paragraphs because they were long-winded, unnecessary, or something that I already knew or could infer.

Though it took me awhile, I was able to figure out the ending and knew exactly what Jace and Clary were planning. The author wasn’t too subtle about it. I think knowing this took some of the impact of the ending away from me. 😦 However, I still enjoyed the story because most of it was unpredictable and there were a few twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

One part that really bugged me was when Clary and Jace go off into a cavern, in a demon-realm no less, and have sex. Somehow Jace was prepared for this by bringing a condom even though they were probably going off to their deaths. This just bothered me and was so out of context. Why did this even have to be in the story! 😦 Ugh.

The other plot point that bothered me was introducing new characters in the final book of the series. Yes, I know its to set up for the next series in this world, but I think Clare really needs to let go! This was enough. It wasn’t necessary and could have made the book a lot shorter and much more enjoyable.

I did enjoy reading about Brother Zachariah! 🙂 Also, Magnus and Alec’s relationship, and of course Simon was awesome as always.

The one thing I didn’t see coming involved Simon! OMG! That was super depressing!

At least the ending was decent and I was satisfied with the stories of all the characters. It wasn’t as emotional of an ending as I wanted it to be. Nothing like it was in The Infernal Devices.


After 3/4 of the book, Jace and Clary can finally touch each other again! Wow! That took nearly 6 books for their relationship to really go anywhere. I have to say that they were my least favorite characters and had the most annoying relationship. At least Clary learned enough to be a somewhat good fighter and wasn’t quite as unintelligent as she was in the rest of the series.

Alec and Magnus. Oh, I love them! They are so interesting, especially Magnus, and their relationship was adorable! I love that Magnus finally opened up to Alec! It only to six books but we finally know a tiny bit more about him.

Isabelle and Simon are such a great couple. I liked how the developed together throughout the book, but I will say the ending was terribly sad. 😦 Poor Isabelle.

I loved that Maia had much more of a role in this book! Her parts of the story were fairly interesting and engaging. I loved how she fought dirty in order to save Bat.

Sebastian was as creepy as ever and definitely has no understanding of love, but I was glad that we got to see the real Jonathan Morgenstern at the end.


I love that we got to explore more of Idris and the faerie court. Venturing to the demon-realm was just awesome as well. There was a lot more explored in this book!


Again, I will say it was fairly terrible, though not quite as bad as the first book. I also didn’t like some of the dialogue and thought it was too cheesy and forced.


Pretty much the same as all the others. I don’t like it at all. It has a decent design and is fairly eye-catching, though that’s about it.


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