Anticipated Releases

November/December 2016 Anticipated Releases!!!

heartless meyer
November 8th


Seriously cannot wait to get this! I loved the Lunar Chronicles so much that I’m looking forward to everything Marissa Meyer writes! I don’t even like Alice in Wonderland that much, but this is still intriguing.






November 8th




I have wanted to read this book FOREVER and since this edition looks absolutely stunning, I will have to read it as soon as I can get it! If the cover is any indication, the illustrations for this are going to be spectacular!






November 22nd




A short story collection by my favorite author!!!! EEEKKKKKKK! I have had this on pre-order since I found out about it in JUNE! I can’t wait to get this!








November 29th



If you don’t already know, I am a huge fan of the Ranger’s Apprentice series! Definitely check out my review! Anyway, this is book two in the new prequel series, which I believe is supposed to be a trilogy. If that’s true, then I only have to wait until next year to read this series! YAY! (so long as he continues one a year). 🙂






November 29th



I have heard amazing things about this series so far, so I’m looking forward to finally being able to read it now that the last book is due out soon!




December 6th



I found out about this series earlier this year and can’t wait to read it. Everyone says it is fantastic! I most certainly have to get this for my birthday! It’s released two days after! Hoping for some book spending money! 🙂




December 6th



Okay, so the Lunar Chronicles made my favorites list this year, so once I saw this I knew I had to have it. It’s going to be the first adult coloring book that I buy. I just don’t think I could pass this up, whether or not I have time to do it.






That’s it for my anticipated releases for the rest of the year! Hopefully, I didn’t miss anything. Let me know what yours are in the comments! Are you looking forward to any of these??

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