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Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare



This is an engaging, entertaining book that is pretty similar to The Mortal Instruments. Anyone who loves that series will love this one too and even if you didn’t you may like this one better. The plot and the twists were fantastic, and I loved the ending! I can’t wait to read the next book.


It only took a bit of time for me to become invested in this book because the plot  was engaging from the very beginning. Although the book has many interesting aspects, there was a problem I had with the characters, which I will explain in a bit, though it is nothing huge and kind of makes sense.

In Clockwork Angel Tessa, the main character, is looking for her brother, Nate. Upon receiving a letter from him she travels to London where she is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters. They are supposed to reveal and train Tessa to use an ability she never knew anything about. The magister wants to use her for something…. This was a pretty fantastic introduction to the book and really helped me to connect with the main character. Once Tessa meets the Shadowhunters, things slow down a little bit as she learns a lot about them, but soon picks back up once her brother is found.

The pacing of the book wasn’t terrible at all. There was a lot of information given, but it was mixed in nicely with the mystery behind the plot. There were, of course, a few slower parts, but they didn’t last long and would have never prevented me from reading further.

Although I could predict one or two things throughout the story, there were still several things I did not. I was surprised at the number of twists and turns the plot took, especially towards the end when everything was coming together.

As I previously mentioned, the story contains quite a bit of mystery. One thing that was mysterious from the very beginning was the necklace of an Angel that Tessa wears. I knew there was something strange about it because of its constant ticking, but it never appeared to do anything. It is mentioned several times, so you know its important, but not why.

Two other things I found intriguing were Tessa’s ability and these automatons that kept showing up. Tessa never knew she had this ability and assumed both her parents to be human. So I can’t wait to find out more about this than we did in this book.

Throughout the story, there are several neat automaton creatures, made out of a mixture of human and mechanical parts. This was a great part of the story and I don’t think we have seen the last of these creatures. It was a nice change from the usual demons that we continually read about in Clare’s other series.

At least there wasn’t a huge love triangle with complete fascination of the Shadowhunters because that really bothered me about The Mortal Instruments. 


The level of detail was perfect and I really had a sense of the time in which this story takes place!

The vampires we are introduced to were awesome and creepy!


I know it makes sense that a lot the characters would be similar to those from The Mortal Instruments since they are decedents, but I found them to be too familiar and therefore slightly boring. Like the author was just re-using the same characters, but with different names. Will/Jace   Tessa/Clary   Jess/Isabelle and Jem/Alec. Although some of them had different personalities and weren’t related, they were just too familiar to me.

I have to say I enjoyed Tessa much more than I did Clary, that’s for sure! She is so much more relateable, smart, and not at all annoying. She even loves books! Although I think there were far too many references to literature throughout the story. I loved her shock towards the women Shadowhunters because that was not how women were supposed to behave. Tessa develops throughout the story and gets over this after a time.

Will is a lot like Jace. Dull, emotionless, and doesn’t much care for life. Their characters were too similar. Will was constantly trying to get himself killed, or at least it appeared that way, and never wanted much help. He was always rude and mostly annoying and I found myself not caring for him at all. He is such an asshole. I like Jace a lot more.

Jem is a bit similar to Alec, but I did at least find him to be interesting and enjoyable. Jem is very mysterious and interesting because he is a Shadowhunter, but there is also something else going on with him, which we don’t find out until later. He is such a caring, lovable, helpful person and I hope everything with him works itself out. He was the only other character that I had any sort of connection too.

Jess is just plain annoying. I don’t like her at all and she doesn’t care anything for the people or the world in which she lives. She spends the entire book trying to find a way to leave the Institute, and you don’t see her fight very often. She just doesn’t think it is appropriate for a lady to act that way. Jess was also rather rude to Tess the entire time.

There are of course a few more characters, including some servants and the heads of the Institute, but just too many to discuss here. I will say that Henry was an interesting character and I would like to know more about what’s up with him.


The writing was actually pretty decent, but there were two things that bothered me. One, there were a couple of instances in which things were repeated strangely and it disrupted the flow of the story, and two, I couldn’t stand the descriptions towards Will’s eyes. It got annoying after the hundredth time. Otherwise, I don’t really have any problems with it. I thought the rest of it flowed well and the dialogue was believable.

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