Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: Books I want to Re-read!

Malazan Book of the Fallen

I finished this series last year I think but I really want to read it again even though it is massive. I think I will appreciate it a lot more. I also want to buddy read it with my husband eventually, but it takes him forever to read anything with his busy schedule.

Lunar Chronicles

This is one of my new favorite series. It will be awhile before I re-read it but it is definitely a must. It was just that good!

First Law Trilogy

Again, I recently finished this one and definitely find it to be re-read worthy! I LOVED it and since there are so many more books within this world I think I should pick this up again soon. This is another one I’m going to get my husband to read eventually.

Stormlight Archive

Before book three comes out I feel like I should just read previous two to familiarize myself with the finer details. It is an amazing series so far and one I hope to read it several times.

Harry Potter

I didn’t start reading the series until after the movies came out. I think I started on book four. Now, I get to read them every year as the new illustrated editions come out. So I guess I’m re-reading half of this series.

Seven Realms

Such a fantastic series and with the sequel series being released now I look forward to reading all of these again!


Okay, that was six, but there are even more I want to re-read. Too difficult to limit myself to five. I also really want to read Fablehaven and The Raven Cycle again! So, which books do you think were soooo good that they are re-read worthy?



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