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Emperor of Thorns (Broken Empire #3) by Mark Lawrence



Wow….just wow. This was a fantastic ending to a unique, dark, fantasy series! I couldn’t believe how it ended and I just loved almost everything about the book! The plot was magnificently entertaining and almost entirely unpredictable. Jorg and those closest to him were developed very well throughout the series, but I still didn’t like his road-brothers all that much, besides Makin. The writing wasn’t anything spectacular but there was also nothing wrong with it and I love the cover! This is one of those series I am most definitely going to have to read again.


Again this book picks up where the previous left off, but this time we get to read about the ‘present’ and ‘five years ago’. There was also Chella’s story, which I thought was a great addition because we get a small glimpse into the world of the Dead King.

The plot moves a terrific pace, so I was never uninterested in the story. Everything that was discussed was important to the plot and I never found anything to be overly detailed to the point where it became annoying.

“Words are blunt instruments, better suited to murder than to making sense of the world.”

I was surprised to not find the plot to be entirely predictable. I had no idea how it was going to end and I can happily say that I loved the ending of the book and how everything came together.  I was so surprised and actually kind of heart-broken! The only thing I was able to predict was who the Dead King was. However, this wasn’t until much later into the book and after a particular conversation when something was mentioned that I realized who he was.

I also wish the Dead King would have been more developed in this series. There was very little of him and apparently he was supposed to be something to reckon with. There just wasn’t enough of him for me. Chapters in his point of view I think would have been much more awesome than even Chella’s were.


I love how much more of the world we get to explore and everything we learn! The world is fascinating and well-developed! I enjoyed the religion, history, mythology, magic…everything! This is one of the few books I have read set in a post-apocalyptic world, so it was new and interesting for me. I loved it and look forward to reading more books like this one.

“We can’t be trapped by fear. Lives lived within such walls are just slower deaths.”

I can’t mention too much about the world other than that it is spectacular and very well thought-out because I would be giving things away that are supposed to be left to you to discover. I suppose I will say that it was amazing to see one of the Builders! 🙂


Jorg, of course, is the most developed character in this series and I loved how he progressed even more in this book. He is definitely cold, brutal, and a murderer, but I still learned to love him anyway. We get to see a new side to him towards the end of this book once his heir is born. He really is a multi-dimensional character and even though it may not seem like it, he can still show love and compassion.

“This is where the wise man turns away. This is where the holy kneel and call on God. These are the last miles, my brothers. Don’t look to me to save you. Don’t think I will not spend you. Run if you have the wit. Pray if you have the soul. Stand your ground if courage is yours. But don’t follow me.

Follow me, and I will break your heart.”

I actually enjoyed the scenes with Katherine and learning more about her as well. She is also developed well and is an intriguing character.

The only upsetting part of the entire series was Jorg having too many road brothers and them not being developed well enough for me. I would have much preferred just a few well-developed brothers. Makin was the only one that really stuck out to me and I enjoyed learning more about him.


The writing is great! I don’t think there was anything wrong with it, but it wasn’t anything spectacular either.


Again I really like the cover, except for the blurb on the front. Otherwise, I love that it matches the other two books in the series and clearly tells what book it is in this particular series.

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5 thoughts on “Emperor of Thorns (Broken Empire #3) by Mark Lawrence

  1. I consider my “favorite books of all-time” to be a very exclusive and hard-to-reach club. I have many many books that I love, but I like to save my favorites for that elite few who really stood out. With that being said, it usually takes weeks or months after I’ve read a book and had to digest it to decided that it is one of my favorites; with The Broken Empire though… that was completely different. As soon as I finished the last page of EMPEROR OF THORNS and closed the book, I instantly decided it was one of my favorite series of all-time. I could go on-and-on about how freaking fantastic these books are 😛

  2. You should read the Red queen’s war trilogy. It is Mark lawrence’s next series and takes place in the same world around the same time, but with a much different kind of protagonist.

    I’m also excited about his new series coming out next year which will have a female protagonist.


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