Sara Raasch · Snow Like Ashes · Young Adult

Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2) by Sara Raasch


Though I was super excited to read this book after finishing the first, I can say it was a huge disappointment. The plot wasn’t anything too interesting and actually kind of stagnated, the characters were also a letdown, and the writing switched point of view unnecessarily. However, the world building was still pretty spectacular. I liked it enough to what to know how the series ends, but it took me FOREVER to get through it.


The plot just stagnated in this book. The only thing that happens is Meira traveling from kingdom to kingdom trying to gain allies to no avail while searching for keys to unlock the magic chasm. First off, finding the keys was just way to easy! I expected it to be much more difficult, so in this regard the plot felt kind of rushed. There just should have been more too it. Also, while visiting the kingdoms, nothing was ever accomplished. Actually, Meria and her people are worse off than they were before so all we did was go backward.

“The most powerful magic of all is choice.”

The pacing was also terrible. Almost the entirety of the book was just so slow, yet felt rushed at the same time. Nothing interesting happens and when you think it is about to, it just falls flat, until the last 50 pages or so when we are actually getting somewhere.  It took me far longer to get through this one than the first and I am only mildly excited to read the next book.

I don’t think the book was predictable per se. I didn’t exactly know how it was going to end, but I did know Meria leaving her kingdom behind after just getting it back was going to be a mistake. Turns out I was right about that. The twist in the book also wasn’t anything exciting. I knew he was acting differently and figured out what was going on quite easily.

I also found certain sections to be quite repetitive. There were several instances when Meria’s thoughts were stated again and again, as well as a few tidbits from the previous novel, which was annoying.

At least it had a bit of originality, mild complexity, and wasn’t utterly predictable.


The only thing this novel has going for it is its world-building. Again, it was incredible. We get to visit three Kingdoms in this novel: Summer, Yakim, and Ventralli, all of which are distinct and interesting. It was awesome learning all about each kingdom’s defining features and how the people live.

I wish there would have been more information about the magic, though. We learn nothing new about it and that was quite disappointing.


Meria was actually annoying in this book. I wish she would stop trying to be Queen and just be herself because that was working out so much better. She spends so much time in conflict with herself that there is little room for plot development or anything else.

I also didn’t like Theron in this book because he was acting so strange the entire time and I just didn’t trust him. Something about him wanting the chasm opened so badly was just offputting. He also argues with Meria a lot and they just are not on the same page. They keep secrets from each other and Theron is just becoming untrustworthy. Hopefully, he gets better in the last book.

“Permanent peace and balance is an impossible goal. Far better would be to strive for a general state of equality, so that no matter what evils one kingdom might conjure, they would never be undefeatable.

Mather was the only character I liked other than one of the characters Meria meets on her travels.

Nobody really develops at all in this novel. They just can’t seem to decide who they want to be or what they want to do.


I thought it was interesting to have chapters from both Meria and Mather’s perspectives; however, Meria’s were in first-person and Mather’s were in third, which was strange and unnecessary. Otherwise, I enjoyed the writing a bit more than in the previous book because it didn’t feel choppy.

I should mention again that the slight repeititon in the book was also unnecessary.


I love the cover, except that it doesn’t contain a book number. It’s also neat that it is very similar to the first book so you just know they are in the same series.

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