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Bands of Mourning (Mistborn #6) by Brandon Sanderson



By far this is the best book in the second-era series so far! It is action packed, exciting, and just down right hilarious! I enjoyed the plot a lot more in this one than I did the others, and the overall arc is starting to come together as new information surfaces. The world building is just amazing! We finally get to move outside of Elendel into New Seran where new technology is discovered and we are introduced to a new culture of people! As always, the characters are awesome, multi-dimensional, and some provide just the right amount of comic relief.


In The Bands of Mourning Wax and Wayne are still attempting to track down Wax’s uncle and rescue his sister. Meanwhile, they learn about the mythical Bands of Mourning, said to grant the wearer with immense power, which were worn by the Lord Ruler. On their journey, they learn that they are not the only ones looking for these Bands and uncover more about Wax’s uncle and the mysterious organization known as The Set.

“Go,” Marasi said. “Do what you do best, Waxillium Ladrian.”
“Which is what? Break things?”
“Break things,” Marasi said, “with style.”

Honestly, as far as this second era series goes, this is my favorite of them so far. The story was so much more engaging than the others, and I think a lot of that had to deal with moving away from Elendel and discovering more of the world. There were also quite a few action scenes combined perfectly with humorous dialogue and history/mythology.

The plot was fast moving, exciting, and by far the most interesting! I read this in about a day! It was THAT good! I never wanted to put it down. The plot moves forward as we discover more about Edwarn and the organization called The Set, which I really enjoyed, especially because not much happened in the last book.

The only disappointing part of the novel was the so-called “twist” at the end. *Spoiler* Wax’s sister is actually working with Edwarn and is in The Set *Spoiler*  I saw it coming a mile away and was actually hoping I was wrong. Oh well. At least that was the only thing I disliked about the entire novel!

World- Building

One of the reasons why this is such an awesome book is because we finally get to travel outside of Elendel to a city called New Seran. The city is described incredibly well, just spectacular! It is also a lot different than Elendel, which is to be expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters reactions to it as well as being able to travel around and outside the city. Since this is such a huge part of the novel, I don’t want to say too much about it and give anything away.

New inventions are also discovered by Wax and Wayne, all of which were awesome! Not only were new methods of traveling and communicating discovered, but we also get to meet a new culture of people. All of this just added to the world and the book itself making it incredibly exciting.


Wax is progressing well after what he learned in the previous book. It is taking time, but he is coping and using Sterris as support. Keeping busy also seems to be helping him.

Wayne is as funny as ever. I just love his character and can’t get enough. I always look forward to his next shenanigan.

“Great. Lovely. Can I have your hat?”
“My … hat?” The elderly woman looked up at the oversized hat. The sides drooped magnificently, and the thing was festooned with flowers. Like, oodles of them. Silk, he figured, but they were really good replicas.
“You have a lady friend?” Aunt Gin asked. “You wish to give her the hat?”
“Nah,” Wayne said. “I need to wear it next time I’m an old lady.”
“The next time you what?” Aunt Gin grew pale, but that was probably on account of the fact that Wax went stomping by, wearing his full rusting mistcoat. That man never could figure out how to blend in.”

Sterris is actually beginning to fall in love with Wax as she spends more time with him. Eventually, Wax starts feeling the same way as he begins to move on from Lessie. I really like Sterris now and she is starting to play more of a part in the book.

All the characters are awesome and I am really enjoying them. They all work so well together and have such natural, believable conversations. Don’t even get me started with MeLann! I absolutely love her! She is hilarious and in a different way than Wayne. It is great to learn more about Kandras by having one of them join the team!


As always I really enjoy Sanderson’s writing. He is never long-winded, providing the right amount of detail. Everything is easy to read and flows very well.


Though I don’t like the cover very much it isn’t completely awful. I have seen worse and it at least fits the book, though I wish the artifact would have had a presence on the cover instead of the characters.

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