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Prodigy (Legend Trilogy #2) by Marie Lu



I’m astounded as to how much better this book was compared to the first! The plot was so much more interesting and well-paced, the characters were more developed and complex, and the world-building was amazing! I can’t wait to read this final book in the series!


In Prodigy, Day and June have escaped the Republic and are attempting to track down the Patriots who they believe can help them rescue Day’s brother and travel to the Colonies. They soon find out, however, that the Patriots want something in return for their help: assassinating the new Elector Primo. Will Day and June commit such a heinous act?

I can’t begin to explain how much more interested I was in this one. I thought it was so much better than the first because I couldn’t figure out how it was going to end and the twists I never saw coming! The pacing was also decent. There weren’t any parts in which the story dragged; however, there were several parts filled with information, but it was done well enough to keep you engaged in the story.

“(A)ll it takes is one generation to brainwash a population and convince them that reality doesn’t exist.”

I also enjoyed the more in depth, complex plot. Nothing is what I thought it was. Those who appeared to be purely evil or righteous surprised me.  I was also stunned to find out what life is like within the Colonies. This book just took a whole new turn and had me guessing at every page how the series is going to end.


I loved all the additional information that was uncovered throughout this book. Learning about the Patriots and who they really are was fascinating. Towards the end of the book, we also get a first look at life in the Colonies and I was incredibly dumbfounded by what I was reading!  I just couldn’t believe it. The details were spot-on and it felt as if I was actually there alongside the main characters.

Though I don’t usually like it, I was thoroughly enjoying all the political intrigue as well.


Though I can’t seem to connect to the characters very well (no idea why) I am still liking them, even if they appear to be a bit too similar. I thought they grew a lot in this book as we uncover more of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their feelings towards each other. They are attracted to one another for sure, but they are so stuck in their ways that they are not sure whether two people from completely different backgrounds can be together. It was interesting to learn more about their feelings and the reasons behind them.

Though I hate love triangles, this one is even worse because it’s a love square? Ugh. Maybe, there won’t be one for much longer.

I enjoyed learning seeing more of Tess in this novel and how much she has grown. She definitely isn’t the little girl anymore that Day remembers.

Kaede also makes several appearances in the novel and I really like her as a character; however, I just wish we could learn a bit more about her.

Razor, the leader of the Patriots, is quite a mystery. I wasn’t ever sure what to think of him. He seemed like a nice guy, but there was always something off about him like he was hiding something.


The alternating viewpoints is still a great way to tell the story and although the different colors are aesthetically pleasing it can be hard to read. I actually switched to the e-book version where both viewpoints are in black.

“Day, the boy from the streets with nothing except the clothes on his back and the earnestness in his eyes, owns my heart. He is beauty, inside and out. He is the silver lining in a world of darkness. He is my light.”

I enjoyed getting a closer look at the Anden, the new Elector Primo, through June’s POV. In Day’s POV, we get a much closer look at the Patriots.

The only thing that bothered me was the amount of unnecessary details provided. Sometimes it just got too wordy. There were a lot of things in paratheses in this one, which I feel could have been omitted altogether.


I adore the cover illustration and its simplicity. However, there is no book number and the edition I read had a blurb, which should be moved to the back.

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