Sara Raasch · Snow Like Ashes · Young Adult

Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes #3) by Sara Raasch



I thought this was a decent ending to a good series. The plot moves at a great pace and the world building is just fantastic! The characters develop a lot, and though the writing was strange it didn’t bother me too much. I have such a hard time reviewing the last book in a series because there is so much that can be given away, so I will just discuss a few thoughts I had upon finishing the book.


Frost Like Night continues the story right where we left off in the previous book. Meria and company are attempting to escape imprisonment by Angra. Now that everyone knows he is really alive, they now understand that something must me done to stop him. It is up to Meira and her friends to get the two other keys back from Angra and find a way into the magical chasm and destroy all magic before it is too late.

I thought the pacing of the book was actually better than the other two. Overall, I enjoyed this one much more than the others and found myself finishing it rather quickly. I was interested in how this series was going to wrap up and whether or not it was going to end the way I wanted it too. Unfortunately, it did not, though by no means was it a bad ending at all. It was still great, but didn’t have that WOW! factor.*Spoiler* Even though it would have been incredibly upsetting, I wish Meria would have died at the end. I just felt like it would have been so much more meaningful and unpredictable. How many young adult authors would actually kill off one of their main characters? I know Sir died (totally cried) but I was hoping for more. *Spoiler* I do wish the book would have been a bit more unpredictable. I was fairly certain how it was going to end from the very beginning.

This book definitely brought out much more emotion from me than the other two books. I almost cried several times. There are plenty of those moments in this book and not all of them are sad. This book was so emotional and I loved that because it really tells me that I became more invested in the characters and their lives (though still not quite as much as I would like).

World Building 

There isn’t much to say about this other than it was freaking fantastic. There is so much more that is discovered in this book. So incredible! I just loved the entire concept of this story with Seasons being kingdoms and learning all about the history and its people was mind boggling. Very well done.


I thoroughly enjoyed the development of the characters throughout the novel, but especially in this last book. Meira, Mather, and even Sir develop quite a bit. The scenes during the Labrinth, one in particular, was very emotional. 😦

I though Cerdwin developed a bit as well though mainly with her emotional feelings towards Jesse. She just realizes that she can’t let the war keep her from everything she wants and I’m glad of the decisions that she made. She is also a total bad-ass and I love strong female characters.

I still don’t like Angra as a villain. He just wasn’t interesting and it’s really where the series suffers. You just have to have compelling, multi-dimensional villains as well as other characters. I didn’t care for him at all.


I didn’t mind the writing too much. Again, we switch between multiple POVs, which I always enjoy though I still find it weird that it switches from first-person with Meria to third-person with Mather. We also get Cerdwin’s POV in this book as well, which I didn’t enjoy quite as much as the others, but it was necessary, especially towards the end. Hers was also in third-person, which was strange.


The cover is gorgeous! I like that it is similar and matches the others in the series, but again there is not an indication of a book number. The title is also a bit strange. I just feel like different titles could have been chosen that would have made more sense.

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