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Mini Review: Fairest (Lunar Chronicles#3.5) by Marissa Meyer



Although I was super stoked to read Winter, I did decide to take a break from that storyline and read about Levana. I knew this book was all about her back story and I thought maybe it would allow me to sympathize with her. Maybe she wasn’t always such a horrible person, maybe something traumatic caused her to be this way?

Wow. I was so wrong when I thought this would make me like Levana a little bit more. From this short tale of her childhood, we can see that her family is just really messed up and both her and her sister, Channery, are horrible. Levana’s sister is horrible because that is just how she is and she finds it amusing.

I have to admit that I did feel a bit sorry for how Levana was treated by her sister, and I was thinking that maybe that was the cause or at least part of the cause to her evilness.

Levana thinks everything she does is justified, it is the right thing to do. She thinks she is doing all these acts to help her people without realizing that it is only hurting them. She commits murder several times in this book for just these reasons. It is just awful. There is nothing worse than someone who is evil because they think that are doing what is right and being helpful.

I loved being able to see both Channery and Levana as children, as well as reading a little about Winter since she is in the next book. It was also horrible to read about Cinder as a baby and witness her terrible, terrible murder. 😦 I also couldn’t believe that Cinder would have such a horrible mother. She wasn’t horrible to Cinder, but she was just a terrible person in general. I mean she had a seamstress’s feet cut off just so she wouldn’t have anything else to do but sew dresses for her! 😦

I ended up being so interested in this story that it was over before I knew it. The pacing was great, slow at times though not uninteresting, and there was plenty of background information regarding Levana, Channery, and even a bit about Winter and Cinder. Although I knew what was going to happen in certain parts of the story, I wasn’t ever uninterested just because I wanted to know HOW it happened.

What were the circumstances surrounding Cinder’s “death”?, How did Channery die? What happened to Levana so she has to constantly glamor herself? All these questions are answered and more!

Some of Luna is even explored, but I wish there would have been more. 😦

I really liked getting to know Levana better, as well as the other people in her life. I just loved her back story. Being able to see Cinder as a baby and how she was able to play with Winter was terrific too, though that happy moment was short-lived by having to witness her murder! 😦

Learning more about Luna and the royal’s plans to take over Earth was interesting as well. It was amazing how much effort was put into creating the virus and antidote and how long they were working on it, not to mention the hybrid soldiers as well.

This is an interesting read into the life of Levana, so if you have been reading The Lunar Chronicles and are interested in knowing more about her and her family, then you really need to read this! I highly recommend this short, interesting, fun read!

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2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Fairest (Lunar Chronicles#3.5) by Marissa Meyer

  1. I definitely thought this book was super-interesting because of the implications Levana’s mind was destroyed by what her sister did to her, and that somewhat explains her unhinged behavior. I was a bit disappointed that it’s really a novella, though, and they marketed and charged for it like a full novel.


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