Faithful and the Fallen · John Gwynne · Young Adult

Ruin (Faithful and the Fallen #3) by John Gwynne


By the third book in a series, there isn’t much I can say without giving things away, but I will do my best. The plot moves forward with terrific pacing and some of the most well orchestrated and numerous battle scenes I have read. More of the world is discovered and discussed and the writing has improved. Not to mention the superb character development! I am thoroughly enjoying this series and cannot wait to begin the final book!


Ruin picks up directly where Valor left off. Honestly, when reading these back to back they all blend together into one perfect story and I’m just loving it. Anyway, after rescuing his sister from Nathair, Corban must decide where to venture next: go to Drassil or find Edana, all while fleeing from Nathair’s army. Meanwhile, Edana is attempting to find allies within the swamps of Ardan but getting there is quite a challenge, and Lykos tries to control his new power in Tenenbral but it is becoming much more difficult than he ever imagined.

Quite a bit occurs in this book so there is little down time with some perfect pacing. If you don’t like reading about battles then you should probably stop here because this book is just filled with them. However, they are all incredibly exciting and well done. Really though, it is just one battle after another. Don’t get me wrong though. There is much more to the book, mostly character/relationship developments.

“Enemies are like rats, Jael: leave them alone too long and they will breed and multiply.”

I was glad to find that this one wasn’t predictable like the previous installment. I had no idea how this one was going to end! By the time I was nearing the ending I couldn’t figure out why there would be another book because it felt as if the final confrontation was going to happen. Turns out I was wrong and I guess there is quite a bit more to explain. At least the book kept me on the edge of my seat in anticipation and excitement.

Not only was there an abundance of anticipation and excitement throughout this book, there was frustration and anxiety as well. Mostly due to Veradis and knowing that he is a really good guy but on the wrong side and wanting him to realize this.

Oh!, and something happens with Storm!


We don’t find out much more about the Seven Treasures other than what all seven are and where some of them may be. At least we find out more about the prophecy (even if it isn’t until the very end of the book).

Much more of the Banished Lands are traveled through in this one, most notably would be Drassil. It is quite the sight to behold and must be absolutely extraordinary! The descriptions of this place were amazing!

Learning more about the giants was also interesting, especially towards the end when Corban confronts Balur about Skald.


Veradis goes through so much in this book! His development is amazing! I wish I could talk more about this without giving anything away. It all really starts when he finally confronts Nathair again.

Maquin is just amazing in this book as well. Such a bad-ass! We actually get to see another side to him though when he realizes that he has more to live for than just his revenge on Jael.

“Fools worry, the wise do, as your old mam used to say.”

There is so much more to Fidele and we get a lot of her in this book. She develops so much and we come to find that she can really hold her own. She is another strong female character and I love it!

Cywen is finding her place among Corban’s war band as Brin’s healer as well as a knife throwing trainer. I love how she develops through this one as she finds her place.

There are tons of different characters we follow and it would take forever to discuss all of them. Two new ones however, are Ulfilas and Haelan. Both are welcome additions and provide a different perspective.

Some interesting things occur around Meical as well.


The writing is very good but there are still a few instances in which the author uses the same words to describe something or tends to repeat the same thing a few times, which was unnecessary even if it was in another’s point-of-view.


Absolutely fantastic! Just like the others!

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