Discussion! Book Blog Content!

I think a lot of book bloggers agree that there are things they look for on each of the blogs they follow. I don’t know if yours are similar to mine or not, but these are the things I believe all book bloggers should have on their site and some of the top things I look for when considering whether or not to push that follow button for the ones I may be interested in.


So it goes without saying that your book blog should have book reviews in some form or another. In a later post, I will discuss what I think these reviews should include. I also believe that at some point people get tired of reading review after review so spicing it up a little with a meme or an original post will attract more readers. I participate in Top 5 Wednesday every once in a while as well as trying to come up with my own ideas such as this one. However, participating in too many memes may make your readers unfollow. On Tuesdays for example, EVERYONE is doing TOP 10 Tuesday, which is fine but that is all my feed consists of for the day. I’ll read a few but after that, it becomes less interesting.

I’m also starting to do some video game and board game reviews as well to mix things up a bit but my main focus is still books!

Review Archive

A page listing all of your reviews is a must. I don’t necessarily want to sit at my computer and endlessly scroll through all of your posts to see what you have. I love those who provide an alphabetical list at the very minimum. Some go as far as separating by genre or author as well. Personally, I separate my reviews by series & age, authors, and titles to make it easy for someone to find what they are looking for when they visit my blog. Don’t forget to have a section for your other reviews as well, if you review more than just books!

You can even separate your other posts into categories as well, especially if you participate in a lot of tags, Top 5 Wednesday or Top 10 Tuesday posts. Have a drop down section at the top of your blog I found to be the cleanest way of doing this.

Rating Explanations

It can be brief or detailed but providing information on how you rate books is a must.

About Me Page

It doesn’t have to bee too detailed, but everyone wants to know the person behind the blog. I’m more keen on following people who have similar interests to mine because their blog content will be geared towards those interests. So explaining who you are and your interests are a must.

Don’t forget to include your favorite books somewhere. I have an entire page dedicated to mine.

Contact Information

We all need to know how to follow you and providing more than one option is beneficial. I provide buttons for my facebook page as well as my twitter account and Goodreads, mainly for those who don’t have WordPress. This makes it easy for them to keep up with my content without filling up their inbox, though email is always an option as well. This is also a great way for people to contact you for review requests.

Search Bar

Please provide a search bar on your site! It makes it super easy for people to find something quickly and efficiently, especially when they are looking for a particular book review or post.

Currently Reading, etc

Adding a widget to your homepage that allows readers to see what you are currently reading isn’t necessarily a must but I always enjoy knowing.

I also provide widgets for games that I’m currently playing as well as Tv shows. I chose these because I thought it would be interesting for people to know and maybe they will find something new. Also, I don’t have to update it too often because these things generally take quite a bit of time to complete, especially because I list a few at a time. Though, be careful not to overcrowd your sidebars!

Color Scheme

Thought  I should explain that a good color scheme is important. Making it difficult to read your posts will deter people from visiting your blog. For example, white on black is not a particularly good idea as it is difficult to read. Some people also do light pink on dark pink or something similar, which isn’t great either. Also, I don’t think obnoxious or busy backgrounds are a good idea. What do you all think?

Ads and pop-ups

Ads bother me immensely. Too many ads make loading times super long and I know of some blogs that have a ton of them. I rarely visit because it takes so long to load. I understand that a lot of people (including me) have a free site, so an ad or two isn’t your choice but if you have a choice, make sure you don’t have any or keep them limited.

If you have a pop-up email follow widget, I immediately leave the blog and don’t come back. This is just annoying. If someone wants to follow, they will. Throwing it in their face isn’t a great idea.


What are some things you look for in a book blog that you want to follow? Share your ideas below and maybe I will be able to expand this post! Do you agree with my ideas? Have you encountered any blogs that are difficult to navigate?

15 thoughts on “Discussion! Book Blog Content!

  1. I love this post, thankyou. I’ve just started, so i’m still trying to figure out my style and what i’m doing. Also i never followed blogs before, so i’m enjoying learning from everyone as i go.

  2. Love your site name! My husband and I are just starting out, and the thing he is really big on is discussing the finer points of a book, rather than reviewing per se. He has a particularly strong emphasis on how well the writer has crafted the fantasy world. He hasn’t put any of his posts up yet because they’re not “perfect” but it will be interesting to see if that’s something other bloggers/readers engage with.

  3. This is a really thought provoking post. I have some of these points sorted on my blog, but have been meaning to update my about page for a while. This is such a good reminder of why I should do that. I am always looking for ways to improve my blog, so this is really useful – thanks!

  4. My blog is fairly simple minded. I tried wix, but it got to complicated too quickly, wtih far too many additions to keep up with. I would like to add a few features to my blog, but until I come up with the extra cash it’s just not doable. So I just stick to posting reviews of books, and the odd movie here and there (Wonder Woman!) and leave it at that. Surprisingly, I’ve had a lot of people comment to me that they like the simplicity of my blog because of its simplicity. Go figure.

  5. Ooo….this is a good list of points to think about!

    I feel like I fundamentally use blogs differently than most people. I’m a review blogger, and I follow blogs because I trust their opinions AND share interesting in the same genres. However, most bloggers (not just book bloggers) are personality bloggers. People follow them because they enjoy their personality. It’s sort of like the difference between documentaries vs reality shows.

    Content: I dislike 99% of memes and will not follow a blog that doesn’t review at least one book in a month. For me, memes are like spam (canned meat). However, due to my dislike I have trouble coming up with non-meme/non-review content. I think there is room for personality/opinion posts which aren’t canned and prepackaged…..I just need to find it.

    Review Archive: We got one, but it’s titled “The List” so that might make it hard to find…..Hmmmm, blog personality vs ease of use……I’m going to have to think about this some more.

    Rating Explanations, About Page, Contact, Search: Yes, yes, YES! 100% agree!

    Currently Reading: Either my list is too long or it has a high turnover rate. Hard to feel like I’m not updating it every other day.

    Color Scheme: This I disagree with…..partially. You might be right, but I disagree. There is a reason that white font on black backgrounds is an option for low light or night time reading. It’s far easier on the eyes. I do agree that you should be careful of your color combos though. I picked a white/light grey on dark grey color scheme because I wanted the book covers to pop and draw the eye.

    Ads: We are ad and affiliate-link free for the exact reasons you’ve mentioned. It’s a trust/respect thing.

    Something you only barely touched on but affects me greatly is Style. If a blog is too busy or hard to navigate then I won’t follow it. Too many columns is a big one.

  6. Totally agree! Just a widget for “Categories” and making sure that each post is in the proper category can be a godsend for those who want to find a certain type of post on your blog.

    For books, I can certainly see the need to have more than reviews on the site. Otherwise, my posts would be kind of infrequent, depending on how fast I get through a book. 🙂


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