Grisha Trilogy · Leigh Bardugo · Young Adult

Siege & Storm (Grisha #2) by Leigh Bardugo


Siege & Storm was definitely better than the first. The plot was slightly better though it lagged a bit, the characters developed more and new, interesting ones were introduced, and the world is expanded upon quite a bit. I actually look forward to the final installment! I really want to know how it ends and if the next one will be even better.


In Siege & Storm Alicia attempts to escape from the clutches of the Darkling, find the second amplifier, and find any information on the third. Alicia and her friends also attempt to come up with a plan to help stop the Darkling and his Grisha. Meanwhile, Alicia tries to work out her relationship with Mal while learning to control her newfound power.

“Watch yourself, Nikolai,” Mal said softly. “Princes bleed just like other men.”
Nikolai plucked an invisible piece of dust from his sleeve. “Yes,” he said. “They just do it in better clothes.”

Yea…so that’s it. Not much else happens in this one; I really think it suffers from the “middle book syndrome”. There were interesting aspects of it and I never found myself to be bored with the story but it was fairly slow.

I was surprised to find that I couldn’t predict what was going to happen. The first book was so much more predictable so I’m glad this one wasn’t. I was actually surprised for one of the twists! I just didn’t see it coming!

I have to hand it to Bardugo, she can really write action scenes! I loved each one because they were so exciting and just kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Each scene was detailed, yet concise.

“Weakness is a guise. Wear it when they need to know you’re human, but never when you feel it.”

I can’t decide how well I am liking this series. It’s kind of a love-hate relationship I guess. I love the whole premise, the world, and some of the characters but am tired of all the cliches and insta love. By no means is this a bad book though. I think it’s actually great for those wanting to get into fantasy. Despite my negative feelings, I am still eager to know how it all ends, if only to see Sturmhond one more time.


I really enjoyed learning about and seeing all the different places this world has to offer. Much more of it is explored! I also loved the descriptions of the creatures; so vivid and frightening! Not to mention all the history and mythology!


Honestly, this was pretty much just a character development book since nothing really happens with the plot. Alina isn’t quite as annoying as she was in the last book and develops quite a bit but I still don’t like her character. She is just so frustrating because she has known Mal for such a long time and just does anything she can to screw it up. All of a sudden she just hides everything that is going on with her instead of sharing it with her best friend. I just don’t get it. It also feels like she can’t decide whether or not she actually loves Mal. There is this possible love triangle going on between her and Mal, the Prince, and the Darkling and I just have a feeling that it’s not going to work out with Mal. She also changes her mind all the time. At one point she doesn’t want to leave because it is her duty to save the world but then she walks out of the city without any guards and almost gets killed by all her followers and she didn’t do anything about it. Sometimes she wants to live other times she wants to die. Just can’t make up her mind. I did at least like how Alina is taking to her new responsibilities and very much look forward to what this power is going to do to her. As the days go by she is becoming more and more obsessed with power (just like the Darkling) and I can’t help but wonder if it will consume her or if she will learn to control it.

“When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.”

Mal is irritating. He is just so whiny and doesn’t want to do anything but run away with Alina. He feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere but I thought he was doing a rather decent job. I really don’t like him right now with his whole melancholy attitude. Ugh. At least you can tell he really loves Alina but I just don’t get why he is being so selfish. I mean Alina needs to be where she is and do anything she can to stop the Darkling but its like Mal just can’t accept that.

The Darkling really isn’t in this one very much but when we do get to see him it is pretty awesome. I mean he is just about as dark as it gets but then I’m not really sure what his intentions are with Alina. It seems like he may actually like her but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, he is interesting and I really hope to see more of him in the final book. I’m hoping he isn’t truly evil and there is more of a positive/good side to him as well.

“Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea.”

Sturmhond is my new favorite! OMG! I love him. So much personality; so witty, yet has a slightly dark side too based upon his history. I am kind of shipping him and Alina but I’m not sure if it’s going to happen. He is such a good guy! I think I need to add him to my book boyfriend list. 🙂  If he isn’t as prominent in the next book I think I will cry.


I actually enjoyed it even more in this one because it flowed so much better. However, I felt like a lot of what happened could have been condensed. The book didn’t need to be as long as it was though by no means was it boring or wordy.


I love the title, illustration, and design! It’s gorgeous! However, there is no series name or book number anywhere and there is a blurb on the front. 😦

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