Grisha Trilogy · Leigh Bardugo · Young Adult

Ruin & Rising (Grisha Trilogy #3) by Leigh Bardugo


Though not one of my favorite series, I really enjoyed it! I highly recommend giving this series a try, especially if you are newer to fantasy. The plot improved with each book as did the characters, and the world-building was spectacular. I was surprised that each book just got better when that is not typically the case. I was satisfied with the fantastic ending even if some things didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I am highly looking forward to what else Bardugo has to offer.


After recuperating underground, Alina and her gang finally make their way to the surface. Once there they know they need to find Nikolai as well as the Firebird if they have any chance of defeating the Darkling and his forces. The search for the last amplifier beings and ends with the final confrontation.

I have to admit that I really liked this final installment! The first few chapters were rather uninteresting and slow as the gang makes their way to the surface as well as on their hunt for the firebird but afterward, it became a definite page turner! I found that I couldn’t put it down! I just had to know if everyone was going to survive and who Alina ended up with.

Na razrusha’ya. I am not ruined. E’ya razrushost. I am ruination.”

The twists in the book were great but I saw one of them coming for quite awhile though it was so sad. *Spoiler* I was fairly certain that Mal was an amplifier and it turned out I was right. *Spoiler* However, what I did not see coming was what happened to Nikolai! OMG! I was so upset. As well as how everything ended with Alina. For some reason, I just didn’t think that would happen.

I really enjoyed this series and was surprised that every book just got better! The ending was also spectacular and everything wraps up very nicely! I was upset about one thing but it’s not a big deal. *Spoiler* I really wish Alina would have chosen Nikolai! I was so upset when she didn’t 😦 *Spoiler*


We get to see even more of the world in this book! I loved Nikolai’s little hideout! The history of the amplifiers and the Darkling were very interesting as well. I really enjoyed everything about this world and can’t wait to visit it again in the next series!


Alina and Mal are no longer annoying to me. Yay! I really liked them and their development in this book. Alina has become very good at using her power, her confidence is more solid, and she is becoming a much stronger leader. I also liked how conflicted she was about wanting all the power and what it would do to her. However, I just don’t have that connection I’m always looking for.

“He watches her the way Harshaw watches fire. Like he’ll never have enough of her. Like he’s trying to capture what he can before she’s gone.”

Mal was a lot less annoying in this book as he finally (mostly) accepts that he can’t be with Alina. His mood was also much improved. I loved his relationship with Alina and how much he cared for her. He really would die for her if he had too. 🙂 So kind, sweet, and loving. A great character all around but again missing that connection.

Oh, Nikolai! How I love you! My favorite character of the series by far! I loved that he had a decent role in this book and everything that happened to him made me feel so incredibly terrible. 😦 His sarcasm and interactions with Alina are just perfect! There was much more of a connection with Nikolai. I don’t know what it was but I just loved him. Maybe I just like this type of character.

“Suffering is cheap as clay and twice as common. What matters is what each man makes of it.”

The Darkling is quite an interesting character. He definitely has a softer side which is shown a couple of times in this book but he is also so ruthless and cruel. It was at least nice to see another side to him and learn about his history and family.

The secondary characters were kind of hard to keep track of except for Genya, David, Zoya, Tolya, and Tamar whom I loved! I felt like there were too many characters and it would have been better to focus on just a smaller group though Bardugo did do a decent job with them despite there being so many.


No complaints. I enjoyed it and thought everything flowed well. It’s not the greatest writing I’ve ever read but still fantastic and deserves the full five stars because I didn’t think anything was wrong with it.

There was a lot of information given throughout the book but I didn’t have that feeling of info dumping which I was so thankful for.


The cover is gorgeous! I love the illustration, design, and title. There are finally no blurbs on the front! YAY! However, I don’t like that there is not a book number or series name anywhere, except the back. I usually like it on the front or spine.

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