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Mini Review: Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by James Howe


This is a very simple, quick read that is just down right cute and hilarious. The plot is interesting, the characters are awesome, and I love the writing. This book stands on its own perfectly but there are plenty more in the series if you end up loving it!


This is a very easy to read, short novel about a family who brings home lost bunny. It is told in the perspective of the family dog, Harold and mostly focuses on Harold, Bunnicula, and Chester (the family cat). It isn’t long before Chester realizes that the bunny isn’t normal and he tries everything to get the family to understand.

I loved that the book is narrated by Harold. It is absolutely hilarious and really gives you an insight to what it may actually be like for a dog and a cat to live together. I found myself laughing out loud several times. This is such a cute story.

The book is also an appropriate length for the story. It wasn’t too long or too short and there was just the right amount of detail, especially regarding the animals. The pacing was perfect!

I enjoyed the plot a lot but wish it would have been a bit more involved. It is quite simple though definitely fun. It also isn’t as dark as I thought it was going to be going off of the cover.


Not much to mention here because it takes place in the family house. It is as well described as it can be for such a short story. If you have a house then you know what it’s like.


Chester is just awesome and is definitely a cat. He is smart and has been reading books since he was a kitten. He is also rather arrogant. He is exactly how I pictured a cat to behave. I adored his personality.

Harold has a personality of his own. He is smart in his own way. He understands a lot more than a typical dog and can even read but he definitely doesn’t know as much as Chester. Harold is also a typical dog and loves to sleep and eat. He talks about his favorite food all the time. He is most certainly a dog and it was great reading the story from his perspective.

Bunnicula is just a bunny. He is mysterious but doesn’t talk or do much.

The human characters are developed as much as they can be. We learn a bit about them at the beginning as well as family life from Harold’s perspective. I suppose there is only so much a dog would be able to share about his human companions so this makes perfect sense.


I loved the writing! It flowed well and was easy to read but enjoyable for an adult as well. It didn’t seem to talk down to it’s reader, which is always a plus. There were several references to books that children may not know about including Treasure Island and even Edgar Allen Poe was mentioned.

Having the dog narrate the story just made it even better.


I love this cover! It is cute yet creepy and I love the font of the title! There also are not any blurbs on the front. Just clean and simple and it even has a good illustration.

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One thought on “Mini Review: Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by James Howe

  1. When I first saw the title, I remembered reading a book when I was in elemtary school about a bunny that was vampire – but it had a different cover thas. Still, a vampire bunny? No way there a lot of books about that. Did a check on Goodreads and it is the same book! I had the one with the blue cover 🙂


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