Video Game Reviews

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

~Review~ I recently picked up a backlit Game Boy Advance along with a ton of games I have never played before. I did have a GBA as a kid but, like most children, I had my parents buy games that interested me but were not particularly good games. I am now interested in playing some of… Continue reading Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Discworld · Terry Pratchett · Young Adult

Jingo (Discworld #21; City Watch #4) by Terry Pratchett

~Review~ Though my least favorite in the City Watch series so far, it is still a great addition. The plot wasn’t too interesting, and I disliked the exclusion of some characters; however, the pacing was great, there were some great scenes that had me laughing, and I seriously enjoyed Nobby as a woman. Even though… Continue reading Jingo (Discworld #21; City Watch #4) by Terry Pratchett

Alcatraz · Brandon Sanderson · Children

The Knights of Crystallia (Alcatraz #3) by Brandon Sanderson

~Review~ Although not as exciting as the first two books, this is still a great addition to the series. The world building and characters really make up for the mediocre plot and the writing is still just as witty. The cover is great and the inside illustrations help bring the book alive. Plot  Knights of… Continue reading The Knights of Crystallia (Alcatraz #3) by Brandon Sanderson