Rating System

Here is my new rating system:



If this new system is used in one of my reviews you will be able to tell by a picture at the top of the review, which gives a rating for each category. It is possible that certain items within a category will not apply to a particular book (magic system for world building). In that case, I will¬†redistribute that item’s points to the others.

My older reviews will still use the old rating system which is more of an enjoyability rating. I also use this on Goodreads.

5 stars: An amazing book! I would definitely read this again!

4 stars: Excellent book! I may read this again.

3 stars: Good book, but I wouldn’t read this again.

2 stars: Started book, but it wasn’t for me. Couldn’t finish it.

1 star: Terrible book. Was a waste of time to read. Wouldn’t recommend reading.